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Why use Lance when you could use the new and improved Shadow Lance!

In all honesty this card is a classic, back in the day you wouldn't have tons of huge creatures poping out early game (at least not in the games I played) and having first strike on a medium sized body could really make the game.
Posted By: Silverware (9/29/2010 2:14:55 PM)


Equipment back in the good old days of MTG
Posted By: Fictionarious (6/17/2011 1:02:11 AM)


Did get some use in old white/red creature decks. Lance + Firebreathing could hurt. Not at all useful anymore.
Posted By: richardshort (2/5/2012 10:02:45 AM)


Compared to Holy Strength, Holy Armor, and the various color Wards from Revised, Lance is a pretty weak enchantment. But it is not without its uses (Phantasmal Forces come readily to mind). Sticking Lance on your Serra Angel makes her a more effective attacker and blocker. Putting it on Juggernaut or Craw Wurm is just nasty.
Posted By: Eppek_the_Goblin (5/11/2013 2:01:46 AM)


This is an uncommon, Hyena Umbra is common. Go figure that one out.

What's with the insult? I was hinting that Hyena Umbra should have been uncommon, not that this cards rarity was to high.
Posted By: Eved (10/28/2010 10:16:27 PM)


I prefer Knighthood.
Posted By: mrredhatter (10/4/2009 3:47:57 PM)


I like this card. Now days an enchantment that only does one simple thing ike "firststrike" would be silly to play as it is basially just giving the opponent a card when they kill your creature, but when this card was played there wasn't a terrible amount of removal, and firststrike was a much stronger ability. But because its so weak not i have to bump it down....2 out of 5
Posted By: flippythekist (4/30/2009 3:17:21 PM)


This is also originally from Alpha. Think before you compare.
Posted By: Test-Subject_217601 (8/31/2010 6:42:36 PM)


Beats the hell out of Shimmering Wings.
Posted By: Joseph_Leito (6/23/2009 12:48:33 PM)


I cannot remember anyone playing with this when it was current.
Posted By: tavaritz (4/26/2011 12:01:35 AM)


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