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Yes, Alurenand this make for infinite mana, but have a Pandemonium or better yet a Balefire Liege for infinite damage. Scoopage!!
Posted By: mrbgddy (11/17/2010 11:54:38 AM)



Braid of Fire adds mana during the upkeep phase, so it can't be used on 1) creatures without flash or 2) abilities that can only be cast when you can cast a sorcery.
Posted By: afallingdime (12/14/2010 10:52:50 AM)


I certainly hope this guy gets reprinted in Dark Ascension or the last set. He's too awesome to NOT be reprinted!
Posted By: BlackFlameAshura (10/10/2011 3:20:12 PM)


Pretty sure it has to say on the card that you can use it from the graveyard.

Imagine using that to power up a Fireball. Or with Ceaseless Searblades to pretty much make it an infinity/4 creature.
Posted By: Diachronos (11/23/2009 7:38:34 AM)


EVERYTHING is Flammable if you make it hot enough ;)
Posted By: DarthParallax (12/5/2011 8:29:28 AM)


Semblance Anvil and Heartless Summoning work. Anything that cheapens creatures. You can use it for Storm and Intruder Alarm(If you have tap abilities).
Posted By: ilovealara (1/20/2012 7:51:48 AM)


It already lets you cast a 2/2 creature for effectively {R} for the purposes of triggering things like Warstorm Surge, Pandemonium, or indeed Storm count. It's a one card engine, which is always fun.
Posted By: LordRandomness (4/18/2013 6:25:27 PM)


Wow, this really looks like it belongs in Innistrad block, from the background to the flavor text.
Posted By: L2i0n0k7 (6/2/2013 9:22:51 PM)


Electropotence + Grinning Ignus = {R}: deal 2 damage to target creature or player :-)
Posted By: ongck (2/25/2010 7:25:36 PM)


I was thinking Brighthearth Banneret plus Conspiracy to make everything Allies. Infinite triggers on your Hagra Diabolist? Yes, please.
Posted By: Exuberance (7/1/2010 8:44:20 AM)