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Tip: Don't Bolt a 2/3 Goyf with no instants in the graveyard.
Posted By: RedAtrocitus (10/19/2012 6:49:50 AM)


@Edgar, actually the card goes to the graveyard before the spell is finished resolving as part of the final step. Creatures don't die during the resolution of spells because state-based actions aren't checked during the resolution of a spell.
Posted By: DarkmageRector (6/30/2013 11:40:24 PM)


Unfortunately I started playing Magic during the Time Spiral block. It was a great block, the unfortunate part is that I was too much of a noob to realize that the Tarmogoyf I opened in my first few packs of Future Sight would turn out to be what it is. Traded it away for jank from the experienced player who got my friends and I into it. Looking back, it's always a dick move when some sly player tries to make a shit trade like that while pretending that Magic trades are "all about playability", didn't even mention the price or anything. grrrr
Posted By: Kontrah (10/24/2013 1:32:23 PM)


Wizards nerfed the Goyf' by giving incomprehensible art, duh
All jokes aside 5/5 it's Tarmogoyf, what else is there to say
Posted By: Sasquatch_1999 (10/26/2013 6:19:06 PM)


Fun fact: At the time this guy was released, he had the potential to be a 7/8, but only barely. There had been exactly one tribal card ever printed: Bound in Silence, also a Future Sight card. Planeswalkers were, of course, released in the next expansion, Lorwyn, as were more tribal cards. He, along with the aforementioned Bound in Silence, were the first mentions of tribal cards, but Tarmy is better known for revealing that planeswalkers were coming soon.

He's also known for owning. 5/5
Posted By: Continue (1/29/2013 9:43:36 AM)


@Smoke_StackThe whole point is his ridiculous efficency. In competitive format where he is played in fetchland are everywhere and pretty much every deck has instants sorcerys and creatures. Considereing only those he is already likely to be at least a 4/5 for 2 which is ridiculous. Goyf is basically the most efficent cheap dumb green beatstick out there.
Posted By: demidracolich (3/3/2013 7:43:35 PM)


Your green deck needs four.
Your blue deck needs four, and green sources.
Posted By: Martin_the_Warrior (12/30/2008 11:19:13 AM)


Hans is screwed.
Posted By: Anubisisking (5/3/2011 5:12:19 PM)


Unofficial Unoracle Text

As long as Tarmogoyf is legal, green decks cost 200$ more to play.
Posted By: Lemt (11/15/2008 7:42:19 AM)


Tribal is a card type for good reason, even if it seems arbitrary. Certain card types have certain subtypes. For example, Mountain is a subtype of Land. Pirate is a subtype of Creature. Sorceries and Instants don't have subtypes. So Nameless Inversion couldn't be a Tribal Instant - Shapeshifter if it didn't have a card type that allowed it to have a subtype. So WotC invented Tribal as a new card type that could give spells subtypes. Legendary is a supertype, but not a card type. You'll never see cards that are Legendary but not creatures or artifacts or some other card type. You'll never see a card with a subtype without a card type.
Posted By: Doaj (4/14/2013 1:47:08 AM)