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Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi; you're my only hope.
Posted By: Wanvicked (2/23/2011 3:01:30 PM)


This card will be a force to reckon with in Legacy, it's only a matter of time until it's broken... A playset is already useful in a black/ white reanimator deck; if the Dark Ritual, Entomb, Exhume/ Dance of the Dead into the Iona strategy doesn't work, you can use the Leia's for plan B.

One of my favorite cards.
Posted By: BegleOne (1/11/2011 9:13:47 PM)


Also good with Voltrath's Stronghold or Oversold Cemetery. Too bad you need multiple copies for it to be effective, so you'll have to order a playset rather than just throw the 1-off into your deck (unless you opened a bunch when you were looking for Tarmogoyfs)
Posted By: bioporn (8/31/2010 9:04:25 AM)


Every time I glance at this card, I think it has four arms.
Posted By: metalevolence (12/15/2010 8:02:15 PM)


haha pain to make a deck? HAUNTED CROSSROADS Haha, then just attack. And just don't do it when you need it. Works well with cycling, if you don't need a card, haunted crossroads, then cycle to draw the Oriss.
Posted By: Omenchild (4/16/2010 5:41:52 PM)


@metalevolence - lmao, me too, everytime...

As to the card, I'm not sure why people are trying to combo it as it is extremely difficult. As a simple defense unit though she's great. She's won me many matches as early game she allows you to shrug off attacks with her tap ability and late game you can get potentially a few turns of survival if your hurting through discarding her..

I love it, 4.5/5 for my white weenie deck
Posted By: Revan312 (1/4/2011 11:28:39 PM)


It's Princess Leia! 5/5 for the art. Other than that, she's probably only useful in cleric tribal/prevention decks.
Posted By: Pinsir52 (9/28/2010 6:30:30 AM)


This card, and its (non)reaction to on here, is a testament to how absurdly over-powered Magic has become.

Oriss is the ultimate evolution of Samite Healer (from Alpha days) and the various healers they have put out over the decade(s) - except instead of preventing SOME damage, they just said "screw it - lets let her prevent ALL the damage to a creature. Let's make her a Legend, but let's give her Grandeur so extras aren't wasted" (probably the most elegant/useful rule for the inclusion of Legends they could have ever come up with), and people STILL won't even think of playing with a healer, because they have boosted the power level of creatures SO much. ROFL
Posted By: reapersaurus (3/29/2011 3:10:17 PM)


I tried real hard to break it. It is possible to keep getting the discarded one back in standard at the time but it took way to many resources and there was no real finisher.
Posted By: Tommy9898 (2/23/2010 7:49:18 PM)


Great art and flavour but just too much of a hassle to use effectively.
Posted By: 2pcsofcandy (5/20/2009 11:02:49 PM)