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No infinite mana, it only activates on the third time. Though if you have multiple copies you can use the 8 mana produced to do another round so you get ten mana instead(8 from the second and 2 left over from the first.) This is pretty nice in my gree/red deck, i give my guys trample and get enough mana for a 6 damage cometstorm or a 7 damage blaze.
Posted By: Faust-The-Desolate (7/9/2010 6:58:11 AM)


fun with Djinn Illuminatus and a Lightning Bolt. Good mana fixer and accel, and can be used to launder (lol) Smokebraider's mana for use with non-elemental spells. Like Lightning bolts :D.
Posted By: Ritius (1/18/2010 4:13:23 PM)


No this does not provide infinite mana.
Activate it three times and it produced 8 red. Then if you activated it a fourth, fifth, and sixth time, nothing more happens.
Posted By: Bouchart (10/12/2009 6:01:23 PM)


Goes really well with Ceaseless Searblades and any Elemental that has fire-breathing, like Flamekin Brawler.
Posted By: EnfEnEt (3/8/2010 3:31:34 PM)


Still, getting 2 extra mana for free when you have 6 mana to throw into this ability is pretty good.
Posted By: nammertime (11/13/2009 3:16:59 PM)


i think this used to try and be a drawback...untill wotc got rid of manaburn (!!!) ftw
Posted By: darkcider (2/24/2010 11:35:05 AM)


Wait... does this provide infinite mana!?
Posted By: makochman (10/6/2009 2:44:53 PM)


This makes 8 mana out of six and gives your fatties tample. So what's not to love??
Posted By: GengilOrbios (8/1/2011 7:01:14 AM)


Combos with Heartstone or any card like it. With hearstone though, wow 3 mana for 8 not bad.
Posted By: Leonidus78 (4/4/2012 10:16:37 PM)


Also good simply as a mana-fixer later in a firebreathing deck. This effectively allows a +8 pump not only for just 6 mana, but for 6 *colorless* mana. Might also be fun for decks running Flailing creatures :D
Posted By: blurrymadness (4/16/2013 8:43:33 AM)