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Makes me wonder why reach isn't a standard ability amongst treefolk creatures. Seems logical to me that tall, walking trees would be effective against a horde of fliers.
Posted By: Tiggurix (11/3/2010 5:52:19 AM)


The only reason Giant Spider can one-up this guy is that it's easier to splash for than this guy. Obviously in a primarily green deck, it makes absolutely no difference, and this guy is definitely better all around. Has two great creature types, making him useful in at least two different tribal decks. What's even better is that he's a common (granted, so is the spider) so he's easy to come by.

Great cost, great body, and has reach. This is usually a T3 drop for me in my treefolk deck.
Posted By: endersblade (6/8/2011 9:56:48 AM)


Not only is it bigger than giant spider, it's also 2 relevant types in limited.
Posted By: HairlessThoctar (5/26/2010 6:39:43 PM)


decent creature with useful creature types. run this in your treefolk deck as air-defence
Posted By: GengilOrbios (5/1/2011 3:40:46 AM)


Its a better Giant Spider. And we all know how good the ol' spider is in limited.
Posted By: Ace_Rimmer (7/26/2009 9:14:49 PM)


@ Tiggurix

"Oak Treefolk

The oaks are the largest and strongest of all treefolk, and are the greatest warriors of their kind. So powerful are they that even the mighty giants are no match for them. Oaks are also the most philosophical treefolk.

The tallest oak treefolk are called cloudcrowns. These are so tall they can swat aerial attackers straight out of the sky, and as such kithkin prefer to build their homes near their domiciles. "

Source: http://wiki.mtgsalvation.com/article/Treefolk#Lorwyn_Treefolk

Based on that, I suppose all the other kinds of Treefolk races on Lorwyn are not tall enough to attack most fliers.
Posted By: Hancocky (2/17/2013 7:02:54 AM)


Better than any spider, this thing goes great with an Obsidian Battle-Axe.
Posted By: deadeye1387 (8/13/2011 3:47:16 PM)


is there no other lorwyn block treefolk with reach??????
Posted By: Renegade_Punk (5/21/2012 6:52:21 PM)


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