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Smuggest tree I've ever seen
Posted By: NARFNra (11/14/2010 10:35:44 AM)


i couldn't imagine a better harbinger for treefolk. not only is it a one-drop treefolk that can hold back aggro, it can also fetch a forest card if wanted. on top of this, it doesn't have defender, also making it a useful attacker if you bring Doran, the Siege Tower.
Posted By: Mode (1/2/2009 10:41:45 AM)


This guy is so amazing. I had to laugh out loud a bit when I attacked with Dungrove Elder and this. My opponent asked me why i was attacking with the harbinger, and I played Primal Bellow on him for the kill.
Posted By: Jeremydav (8/12/2011 9:59:55 PM)


If he's not swinging for 3 on turn 3 you're doing something wrong.
Posted By: EvincarCrovax (8/11/2011 7:10:17 AM)


nice little ramp for U/G:
T1 Forest, Llanowar Elves, Birds of Paradise or Noble Hierarch
T2 Island, play this and grab a forest, then Coiling Oracle, putting the forest into play. Then you could even play another one drop mana accelerant for six mana on turn 3.

Yes, there are faster, better ramps, but this leaves you with a few extra creatures, one of which is an excellent defender for early on.
Posted By: djflo (1/2/2011 10:55:21 PM)


Nice... There are endless ways to use this.

At it's worst, use it to pull a forest in a modular deck or to save yourself from manna screw. At it's best, find your winning card.
In between, it's presence in your hand basically implies the presence of at least one other tree folk defender. Or, if that one other tree folk defender is another of this... Recursion!
Posted By: Zoah (4/8/2011 12:19:54 AM)


Can't believe no one has mentioned this, but he searches for a Forest card, not a Basic Forest. He tutors up shock lands!

Breeding Pool
Temple Garden
Stomping grounds
Overgrown tomb

He can also find:
Dryad arbor
Murmuring Bosk
Sapseep forest
Tropical island
Posted By: ProfCharles (6/15/2013 2:51:20 AM)


Wall of wood. Nobody loved you, and this guy will make sure that never changed. Also, this guy can fetch a murmuring bosk
Posted By: VoidedNote (1/23/2011 11:59:54 AM)


So much for Wall of Wood. This is the exact same card with a fetch-land/fetch-creature ability that isn't limited to being a defender. Yowza.

Posted By: Gaussgoat (2/8/2010 9:08:55 AM)


I can't believe no one has compared this art to Robin Williams yet!
Posted By: TheJord01 (3/16/2012 1:58:34 PM)


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