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Shroud only applies to permanents (that is, cards or tokens on the battlefield). In the graveyard, the Inkwell is just a creature card, and hence a valid target for reanimation.
Posted By: herbomatic (10/11/2009 6:58:23 AM)


The flavor texts misuses "perfect" as "prefect." Or perhaps the person with a certain limited amount of power at Wren's Run is a perfect prefect?

Actually, in Lorwyn elf society, beauty equals social status, and the most beautiful are akin to kings. Those most beautiful elves are known as the perfect caste.
Posted By: TheVizier (9/26/2011 8:27:45 PM)


Great for putting an Empyreal Archangel into play to buy your reanimator deck more time to find that Iona.
Or just get something that has protection from the relevant color, I tend to run one of each of Akroma, Angel of Fury, Akroma, Angel of Wrath and Sphinx of the Steel Wind.
Also the fact that it's instant allows for all kinds of funny stuff, mainly reanimations during combat or in the opponent's end step, which can easily win the game for you.
And to clarify things for mkniffen, the ONLY time Inkwell Leviathan is a creature and can't be targeted due to his shroud ability is when he's on the battlefield. In any other zone he's a creature card, except in the stack, where he's a creature spell.
Posted By: Exart (3/28/2010 2:20:47 PM)


silly rabbit, inkwell does NOT have shroud while he is in the grave.
Posted By: lorendorky (4/23/2010 11:40:47 AM)


False Demise requires the creature to already be in play and enchantable then put it into a graveyard. This allows you to put Inkwell Leviathan into play turn 4 after discarding it to Rotting Rats on turn 2/3, and the mannequin counter won't matter since inkwell has shroud.
Posted By: xStrikerx (8/24/2009 6:33:34 PM)


The simple fact that this is instant speed, makes this one of the best black recursion spells of all time. Most of the time you'll get at least one open swing at your opponent with the creature you bring out. It's always great to fetch something with evasion to swing for the win.

Solid card even with the drawback. 4/5
Posted By: dberry02 (12/9/2010 11:24:42 AM)


Instant speed puts it over Zombify, and with something with shroud it is strictly better.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (2/20/2010 2:20:15 PM)


Perfects are the most beautiful/wise/blah blah of the Elves in that plane (hence other cards like Imperious Perfect)
Posted By: Mirvana (11/3/2010 5:35:25 AM)


Power Conduit would work, wouldn't it?
Posted By: Grumman (4/29/2012 5:22:50 AM)


The flavor texts misuses "perfect" as "prefect." Or perhaps the person with a certain limited amount of power at Wren's Run is a perfect prefect?
Posted By: sarroth (8/23/2010 10:58:08 AM)


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