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A pretty fun card geared towards multiplayer games since it affects all opponents. It definitely requires you to construct a deck around it. You could try playing it with Instant burn spells, counter spells or have it be a natural fit in casual Faerie decks with its numerous Flash creatures to add up some damage. Perhaps overcosted by 1 mana, thereby eliminating it from tournament formats.
Posted By: sporvan (11/14/2008 11:51:30 AM)


Oh God, this would be amazing in Archenemy, lol. Faerie overlords for the win, hah.
Posted By: Gaussgoat (6/28/2010 9:48:02 AM)


A neat card. If only it had flash. XD
Posted By: Perfect_Genetics (8/13/2010 9:04:26 AM)


Combine with 2 qasali ambushers and that one card that allows you to bounce a card of the same type as one you play, as well as a plains and a forest, and when your opponent attacks you can give every opponent minus infinite life. You have to build a deck around it, but it is fun and hilarious when it goes off.
Posted By: jsttu (2/4/2011 12:31:28 PM)


Hmm... Well, faeries are supposed to be based around the flash mechanic, but I don't buy it. There aren't as many as I thought there would be.
Posted By: Zoah (8/4/2010 11:28:30 PM)


forgot to say undummon
Posted By: dranson13 (12/18/2012 9:56:26 AM)


This is a good card, i'm actually using it in my U/B Faerie deck...since i cast a lot of flash during end turns or upkeep, and instants....this is a solid tribal enchantment.
Posted By: JoMeister (8/29/2013 9:59:41 AM)


I really wished this would be stronger, since I really like the idea of it. Wizard really should boost faeries. There are already some really good faerie cards, but compared to many other tribes, faeries really seem a bit under-represented. This card may have a use in other formats (although even there pulling off real combos with it is just way too hard), but in EDH, it's just totally useless, sadly.
Posted By: Sootoo (3/3/2014 10:08:22 AM)


What I like about this card is that even though it's tribal, it can be useful in a non-tribal deck too. Any deck that splashes black and has a number of instant and/or flash cards can find a use.
Posted By: Daxos_of_Meletis (3/7/2014 8:31:15 PM)


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