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I think it deserves mentioning that this card would be superb in a U/R Changeling deck. Pop out a few cheap changelings, then drop this guy on turn 5 to wipe the opponent's board. GG.
Posted By: ScissorsLizard (5/27/2010 12:24:22 AM)


If Gandalf was 40 feet tall.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (8/5/2011 6:20:07 AM)


I used to use this at its time, I built a Giant deck maybe only because of this card, Sunrise Sovereign (the biggest lord in the game) and Feudkiller's Verdict... With some changeling this was like a one-side Wrath of God in a decent body... This is maybe my favourite card in Lorwyn, and giant my favourite tribe, despite the fact that I don't like Red or White so much... Surely Lorwyn tickled my Timmy nerves...
Posted By: leomistico (11/19/2011 3:01:39 AM)


well donovan_fabian, ever heard of stinkdrinker daredevil? i guess if you meant an actual giant card then yes, there isnt any. i dont rock this guy in my giant deck because i dont wanna kill all my stinkers.. that is the downside. but stinkdrinker is way good getting your guys out there quick. especially with Blind-spot giant!
Posted By: Htoth3izzO (1/12/2010 3:56:52 PM)


Shame this card will destroy those Stinkdrinker Daredevils, along with any other Goblins you might have in play for support (Bloodmark Mentor's etc etc).
Posted By: FMcritx (8/26/2009 5:26:25 PM)


While giants are too pricey to play in standard or constructed(type 2), for casual games,they are a beating. Giant baiting,Hamletback Goliath,this guy,4 stinkdrinker daredevils in main deck,and brion stoutarm,and deep slumber titan(yes,I said this). Pretty much win by turn 5 if you know how to play this deck. Throw in some good mana fixing,and your off to the races. As I said,good for casual gaming,not tournament play.
Posted By: CptAwsm (6/4/2009 12:46:04 PM)


This is the problem with giants in general, as a tribe they just plain yell for you to play something along side them since there really aren't that many good giant cards, especially cheap costed giant cards. More over there's no card that says something along the lines of "add 2 mana for giant spells or activated abilities" as elementals has, which leaves us with brighthearth banneret and using warrior type. Then we have this guy.. and it would land up killing off your own creatures/tokens. Even your brighthearth banneret are elementals not giants. Still, if you are sold on giants, dealing about 4 in a regular game to all is like a board wipe as long as your creatures are all giants.
Posted By: Donovan_Fabian (1/12/2010 3:15:57 AM)


If your worried about PhyrexianColorlessStinkdrinker Daredevil then why dont you equip PhyrexianColorlessRuned Stalactite? That way now Stinkdrinker is considered a giant and now adds to your giant count and makes the damage Thundercloud Shaman that much stronger.
Posted By: COGScropio (1/19/2012 9:36:26 AM)


This dude rocks in a Giant deck. A four-of in my book.
Posted By: Soul_Shackle (7/21/2009 6:56:45 PM)


he farted
Posted By: chaosjuggler (4/13/2009 8:11:41 AM)