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I always love the text "Use counters." I will use counters, but not on this card, This shares some functions with the lace cycle, but is reusable. Nevertheless this card remains relatively useless due to costing 6 for one activation...
Posted By: Guest57443454 (11/24/2009 11:06:23 PM)


Funny Card - Your Opponent plays with Circles or Protection from....? no Problem :-)
Posted By: Moepie (5/8/2010 1:54:52 PM)


The ability isn't bad, but the costs are too high.
Posted By: A3Kitsune (6/14/2010 10:17:18 PM)


Beware the power of my black forests
Posted By: Androx (2/16/2011 3:12:55 PM)


Much of the flavor of Legends comes from D&D campaigns of various designers. One such character is Alchor. You see, Alchor was a wizard played by Wizards of the Coast co-founder and former president and CEO, Peter Adkison. The card was supposed to be Alchor's Tome, a mighty tome of magical spells that such a wizard might use in preparing for battle. Unfortunately, the artist mistook "tome" for "tomb" and drew Alchor's Tomb. Thus, at least in the world of Magic, Peter's wizard had been killed off.
Posted By: liir007 (8/16/2009 1:06:41 PM)


I like to think of the tomb as not being named for its occupant, but for its builder. And that there's five of them. And who did Alchor build them for? Dominaria has utterly forgotten, but they were built for five great dragons who opposed the malignity of Rith's ur-dragon circle, but failed, and have been in dreaming comas to this day. One of the alternate futures during the time rifts was that Rith's circle had fallen instead, and the five not-quite-as-proud dragons--Intet, Teneb, Numot, Vorosh, and Oros--still flew free. Afterwards, the five still sleep in their tomb shelters, still convalescing, still preparing to come back...The tombs' above-ground sections, meanwhile, contain the insights of Alchor, both his own and those he learned from Intet's circle, and from these in***ions, one can experience immense epiphanies, such that even one's color alignment is drastically changed.
Posted By: SkyknightXi (6/21/2011 10:23:49 AM)


@liir007: You're either Mark Rosewater and got lazy in your post and just copy-and-pasted from the article you wrote that paragraph, or you blatantly stole the story from Mark Rosewater's article and didn't cite it. The only differences between your post and that article is that in the article, Legends is italicized and Magic is in bold.

The story comes from this article: http://www.wizards.com/Magic/Magazine/Article.aspx?x=mtgcom/daily/mr97
Posted By: sarroth (4/15/2012 10:03:22 AM)


Not that great of i card. That said i do like the ability and the artwork is kinda cool if not old. Costs way to much though.
Posted By: DivineNocturnus (8/15/2012 3:12:20 PM)


Like many things from legends, they overshot the cost by abit. I think the developers from this set and homelands really enjoyed long games.
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (10/12/2012 10:42:30 AM)


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