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He's a fantastic EDH general, mainly due to the fact that his sacrifice-based ability is just really hard to deal with. Red/white is a bit of an underwhelming color combo, but you soon start to realize just how little even 40 life is when you're facing down Brion and an ever-growing Hamletback Goliath or War Elemental.
Posted By: MrPink343 (3/2/2011 9:38:11 PM)


I now use this in EDH, and have all of the wacky combos built in. I think my favorite one is using Phyrexian Processor, paying an opponents life total, and flinging the token at them for instant death, with you gaining all of that life back. Kinda awful, but so much fun.
Posted By: MarkBGH (12/14/2010 6:22:32 AM)


Now, with the Legendary Eldrazi, you can fling them and get everything in your graveyard back to fling again. You just have to save 1 red to do it and you can get the not-so-insignificant damage across the turn they come in.

Granted, it is a total waste of an Eldrazi, but it would still be funny. "How'd you lose that game?" "I had Ulamog thrown at me"
Posted By: Andon_A (6/13/2010 6:44:22 PM)


Ahahah, this and Dominus of Fealty...
Posted By: Mekh (8/7/2010 4:29:42 PM)


Was better before the new rules, but still very amazing. Ball Lightning, attack for 6, fling before end of turn. Pew Pew, 12 damage.
Posted By: Joseph_Leito (9/13/2009 7:26:51 PM)


Very efficient beater. And throwing your gigantic critters at the opponent's face after combat is pure fun. :) 4/5.
Posted By: True_Mumin (6/13/2009 7:20:10 PM)


Sure giants throwing creatures at players is fun, but...


It's a 4/4 with Lifelink for 4?

Just remember that throwing creatures is more of a last ditch effort than a constant attack strategy without a constant token maker.(see other posts)

I'd like to see somebody making 2/2 tokens and using that ability at the end of an opponent's turn to make a red and white Vicious Hunger.
Posted By: DragonLord132 (8/30/2009 2:08:35 AM)


my giant deck is built around this card.. pop out a hamletback goliath or a borderland behemoth, get out Brion with giant harbinger, wait 'til their power is equal to opponent's life total, sac and BOOM. one hit KO.
Posted By: Htoth3izzO (12/19/2009 12:23:04 PM)


Use Righteousness with this. Block an opponent's big creature with one of your own, then fling it to do some serious damage to them. That would definitely make them think twice about attacking you again. :)
Posted By: kowrip (5/17/2010 10:02:11 AM)


There are several good ways to use this creature, if for no other reason than he's only 4 mana for a lifelink creature, but that second ability is very interesting. Yes you have to sacrifice a creature, but you could use token, or you could use dominus of fealty or sarkahn vol to take your opponents creatures to whack them with. Primarily what makes the ability so attractive is actually the amount of combat tricks you can play with it. Imagine you sneak a token past your opponents defenses, play a colossal might on it to do 5, then sacrifice it to do another 5, for a total of 10. You could also put a devour creature into play, devour everything else for a huge creature, then throw it at your opponent for an immediate game finisher. If one of your creatures has first strike, it can also do damage, then be sacrificed to do all its damage a second time. Admittedly your not going to want to sacrifice creatures left and right unless you have a steady supply of tokens, but if your crea... (see all)
Posted By: Donovan_Fabian (10/30/2009 6:09:41 PM)


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