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Uh, its not a dress, its a sorcerer's robe. Haven't you seen... well, any fantasy art depicting wizards?
Posted By: Nagoragama (10/10/2010 8:23:08 PM)


Little did Wizards realise the monster they were going to unleash.
Posted By: Sutebe (7/17/2011 12:35:49 AM)


Hooray for the blue Phyrexian Arena!

@ kagoodrich, yes it is.
Posted By: stygimoloch (12/5/2008 10:12:27 AM)


This guy is a house- it's rather shocking how under valued he is compared to some of the flashier planeswalkers, but I think this guy is the best of them all, by virtue of practicality and low casting cost.
Posted By: Smoked_Peasant (1/1/2009 2:32:39 PM)


I absolutely adore the artwork on this, and certainly more than that for the Walletslayer. He kills that Planeswalker stone dead, and makes for a great drawing engine. His +2 ability helps keep him on the battlefield, and with Consecrated Sphinx now around, it allows you to draw 3 cards while adding loyalty counters to Jace. Excellent!
Posted By: Kodanshi (3/27/2011 12:15:34 PM)


Card Advantage
Planeswalker- Card Advantage
+2: Game goes faster.
-1: Card Advantage.
-10: Don't activate this ability. It doesn't do anything.
Posted By: DacenOctavio (6/7/2011 12:15:59 PM)


I used him in my UW deck (which I disas$embled a few minutes ago) and as long as I kept his loyalty below 4 everyone I played with didn't seem to mind him being on the field. That makes him the only planeswalker of the four that I have that didn't become top priority for my oponents to kill. Using him as a drawing engine is ouright useful, and other players don't really see him as much of a threat (as long as you keep his counters low) so he sticks around to help you out longer then most planeswalkers. I think Jace is my favorite planeswalker.
Posted By: Eved (12/21/2009 9:20:57 AM)


Jace is very good, although he might not seem like much compared to other Planeswalkers. What I REALLY love about him, though, is the illustration. His design is astonishing, so menacing... He just radiates power. A frightening power, I might add. The barren background also plays a role here. In my eyes, other Planeswalkers look more like mere legends when compared to him. I consider Jace to be one of the characters with the best design, not just in Magic, but in general.

Oh, and take a look at THIS:


That's just epic. Kudos to Aleksi Briclot.
Posted By: True_Mumin (6/17/2009 6:51:51 PM)


I really like this guy. At worst, he's a Howling Mine, and at best he's a Phyrexian Arena. I don't think you'll use his final ability that much unless you have a milling deck, but his first two abilities are reason enough to play him.

Jace's one drawback is that he has no way to defend himself. You'll find that he takes a lot of damage because can't spit out tokens every turn to block for him like Elsepth and Garruk do.
Posted By: MetalCrisis (2/9/2009 9:25:05 PM)


In my Faerie deck this guy is mean to my opponents. While i bribe them with free cards i also can unleash a 20 card mill (esspecially against a deck with flying creatures.
Posted By: AshlingThePilgrim (2/24/2009 6:21:42 PM)


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