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If it was RedRed, it would be better.

Remeber people, it has haste, the suprise factor alone makes it worth 2 mana in the mid-late game.
Posted By: Spideredd (9/7/2010 1:51:27 PM)


Also works with Electropotence, almost makes me think I can build a deck around that card.
Posted By: TPmanW (11/26/2010 2:42:55 PM)


This could work well alongside Boggart Ram-Gang in an aggressive red deck, but I haven't tried it myself... I guess it could work as a kind of mid-late game Ball Lightning in the Pauper format?
Posted By: GrimjawxRULES (2/2/2011 12:42:25 PM)


Doesn't have trample. Otherwise it would be quite good.
Posted By: Cheza (8/22/2011 5:32:23 AM)


Great with Venser, the Sojourner!

Posted By: Lyoncet (9/26/2011 12:02:43 PM)


Mediocre. If it comes out too soon it won't be powerful enough to make a difference, and it's only good for one shot regardless of whether or not your opponent has creatures. The dealbreaker is the lack of trample. It takes what could be a pretty good card for cheap mid-game damage and makes it a really narrow card that you can't depend on to take out anything bigger than Llanowar Elves.
Posted By: Treima (5/25/2009 11:27:18 AM)


Well, it's always nice for an effect to rely on things you already have rather than demanding more Mana be spent. As it is it's basically letting you use that mana again... Of course like most cards with great potential, that 1 lonely little Toughness just makes me cry.
Posted By: GradiustheFox (3/4/2010 12:59:53 AM)


Mid-game with Pandemonium, Soul's Fire or Fling would make this guy ok in a mono-red deck.
Posted By: nammertime (12/30/2009 8:49:45 AM)


Cast Demigod of Revenge, reture each one with its effect, then this. With a Comes-into-play and Haste deck, this may shine in multiply player!
Posted By: Infernaldarkness (11/20/2012 1:39:34 PM)


Four Chroma cards could be retrofitted with devotion to (color): Heartlash Cinder, Outrage Shaman, Primalcrux, and Springjack Shepherd.
Posted By: HuntingDrake (1/21/2014 12:06:21 PM)


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