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Almost a bit like Erebor from The Hobbit.
Posted By: Stray_Dog (2/12/2011 9:12:29 PM)


Fetchlands are good for shuffling because they give you the shuffle effect for free immediately, with only the most negligible of a drawback. This card is terrible because it's slow, costs two mana to use, and has a prerequisite.
Posted By: Henrietta (8/24/2011 6:59:15 AM)


Too bad it's mostly useless (and comes into play tapped), because I like the artwork and the name.
Posted By: RowanKeltizar (6/8/2010 8:12:32 AM)


Useful in a Cascade deck... 3/5
Posted By: nimzo (3/1/2011 11:43:27 AM)


This could be perfect for a U/R EDH deck (Nim, Pain Artist, Niv-Mizzet the Firemind, Jhoira of the Ghitu anyone?) You could probably utilise the shuffle effect to make sure you don't get dead draws like lands. Works especially well with Sensei's Diving Top, Counterbalance, Future Sight, Halimar Depths, Jace the Mindsculptor, Brainstorm etc. Basically stuff that involves library manipulation.
Although in my own deck, the red is for a splash, and I don't really ever have many red permanents (lands are colourless btw)...
Posted By: wxnbvq1 (4/1/2011 4:02:28 PM)


Guys, people ran fetchlands with JTMS just to shuffle away brainstormed cards. An alternative for long games?
Posted By: DacenOctavio (8/16/2011 10:05:19 AM)


You'd have to be Madblind to play this.

(Yes, you saw that coming)
Posted By: occamsrazorwit (6/29/2012 12:54:47 AM)


In mono-red edh, I think it seems fine if you want to run more non-basic lands that do things but don't want to make Valakut, The Molten Pinnacle harder to trigger. etb tapped isn't THAT big of a deal in multi-player and stabilizing draw is actually a decent effect in topdeck mode. It's bad under a lot of situations, but on the situations where it is good (you have 7 mountains on top of your deck and no Valakut, The Molten Pinnacle or card filtering) this card has the potential to save your butt. Also, it makes Index ok as well. I don't think this could see play outside of limited or mono-red edh. It works with other cards of the cycle too but that's about it. Card is mostly bad. I just play this in my mono-red edh deck because I'm playing mono-color and I have an excuse to play bad cards. In EDH if you are 2 color or more, this will not make the cut. :P

3/5 for slow formats
0.5/5 for fast formats
Posted By: Ligerman30 (3/8/2013 10:47:36 AM)


Sensei's Divining Top blah blah ...
So, now we're waiting for a card that benefits you when you're shuffling your library, as opposed to Psychogenic Probe.
Posted By: holgir (8/6/2009 5:43:23 AM)


Eh. Could be used with Moonring Island to see if the next card is useful, and shuffle it if it isn't. Beyond that, could be MUCH better. I give it 2 and a half, since I might find use for it in my Elemental deck.
Posted By: UltimaCenturion (8/10/2009 12:56:58 PM)


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