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... Is it just me, or is this guy's flavor text a reference to the flavor of Llanowar Elves?
Posted By: TopRomen (11/7/2010 11:28:07 AM)


Why does novablast wurm need trample? I mean, how often is it going to need to trample over blockers... I don't get it.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (6/15/2011 6:42:08 PM)


Beside Bloodmark mentor it's the best mentor. Casual mono-green or casual aggro red-green has no problem playing this.
Posted By: nubiop (2/15/2009 7:16:58 PM)


@BrutalJim - Yeah, it's a 6 CMC...but when has that ever stopped green? It's easily attained by turn three in the right decks.

@Test-Subject_217601 - Primal Rage doesn't have a 5/4 body...
Posted By: Alsebra (3/14/2011 4:20:13 AM)



This is definitely not the best mentor, Corrosive and Bloodmark are without a doubt the 2 best. This on the other hand cost 6 CMC, and trample is something normally not that hard to give your creatures. It's like a creature form Primal Rage for 4 more, I guess the decent sized body is nice, but still not all that great. 3.5/5.
Posted By: BrutalJim (3/14/2010 1:01:35 AM)


The only problem I see with this card is it doesn't actually give you an advantage unless your already ahead. If your creatures aren't already over running your opponent, this isn't helping it happen. One way to have fun with this card is combo it with rage reflection, its an expensive combo, but every one of your creatures gets double strike and trample together.
Posted By: Donovan_Fabian (1/12/2010 1:53:57 AM)


Novablast wurm and roughshod mentor is great. Only a problem is that he would die whenever you attack... Indestructibility is a great solution (team it up with roughshod mentor, not with novablast wurm)
Posted By: fanofmagic (3/24/2010 9:44:43 AM)


This vs. Fangren Pathcutter vs. Primal Rage

I think Primal Rage wins.
Posted By: Test-Subject_217601 (11/10/2010 8:41:21 AM)


Outclassed by Nylea. And out classed in the sexy department.
Posted By: MasterOfTheVault (2/17/2014 10:41:48 PM)


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