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Posted By: Gezus82 (11/29/2009 7:36:21 PM)


Its Michael Jackson with wings.
Posted By: Pipikako (6/18/2012 12:51:29 AM)


This card is great for multiplayer. When someone wants to attack but doesn't have a strong preference on whom they attack, this is a cheap encouragement to go somewhere else, and you'll save yourself several hits over the course of a game.
Posted By: Etsap (7/13/2011 11:44:48 AM)


A lot of the comments here seem to forget one thing about this creature: It has wither. And with 2 power at that. Even in the mid game it can turn a 4/4 into a 2/2 for the rest of the game. Of course you'd ask, why the 4/4 would attack in the first place with the Gatewarden in play? Well the offensive player would have to wait out (or waste) a kill spell on a one drop at mid-game. And that my friends deserves a 4.5 rating to me. The flying is just icing on the cake. Great card.
Posted By: acolyte_of_night (5/22/2012 4:43:51 PM)


Something kinky about that art.
Posted By: MasterOfTheVault (1/30/2014 10:16:10 PM)


Why do you think it has wither and 2 power? The defender called Sanctum Plowbeast costs six for a 3/6. Defenders that deal damage usually cost more as opposed to Wall of Wood or Wall of Denial that is a 0/8. This has wither and permanently scares any creature excluding protection creatures. And it costs one for a 2/1 wither. I tend to think of all spells as a package you almost always use faeries with flash during and opponents turn. You can use this before they declare and attack around the second turn and so on. But in this case you get it out on any turn and it provides a great defense for what I like to call weeine scaring. Trading this creature to not take damage and/or scar a fatass. And are people expecting 6 toughness? That is a little too good. Faeries are usually mana cheap and user friendly if you use them correctly.
Posted By: EnV (8/2/2009 11:43:51 AM)


Blue shouldn't be attacking on turn one anyway. Blue plays defense and holds up the game until they pull an Isleback Spawn or just deck you with millers.
Posted By: Joseph_Leito (8/4/2009 3:08:34 PM)


Solid defender...
Posted By: Marrion (3/3/2009 11:55:19 AM)


Great defender!

Posted By: Duskdale_Wurm (6/9/2010 6:22:52 PM)


If keeping it alive is a huge concern, just build around it.

Turn 1, Gatewarden.
Turn 2, Hyena Umbra, and drop Slagwurm Armor.
Turn 3, equip the armor.

Voila, you now have a 3/8 flying wither defender with first strike that isn't afraid of anything with less than 11 power (or 8 if also with first strike) and can absorb a kill spell.

But a lot of the time, this is a very functional deterrent by itself.
Posted By: Artscrafter (8/13/2010 2:34:46 PM)