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play with Tatterkite and win with your damage proof 2/1
Posted By: okfs87_7 (12/15/2010 11:53:30 AM)


I like Ferguson's art style, as to the card I know it's an excellent white hater, though white has good answers to enchantment's, while enchantment removal is rare in black and red, so white enchantments end up being more effective against red/black, than red/black ones to white.
Posted By: Teotanek (10/3/2010 6:22:57 PM)


One of my top 10 favorite card ever.

I like card like this, affecting the entire game ("world enchantment"), affecting all players, but very well balanced.

Only thing: Since Everlasting Torment haves 3 different abilities, i think 1-B/R-B/R was more accurate to 2-B/R for his CmC.
Posted By: nimzo (10/24/2010 6:55:08 AM)


Fun card, volcanic fallout becomes especially brutal, if I have any complaints about it is that there doesn't seem to be many ways to make it one sided. Heartmender can remove counters, but will probably die anyways if everythings taking wither damage. Even creatures with damage prevention abilities wont be able to bypass it due to the clause on the enchantment. Has a lot of potential for sure.
Posted By: Donovan_Fabian (2/12/2010 1:12:39 PM)


Run this in a red/white deck with Lightmine field. Boom. Sit back and watch every big offensive they throw at you you die or wither away as you sit back and laugh as you cast burn after burn.
Posted By: ScepterofEternities (11/6/2010 5:58:47 PM)


@ sarroth: Transcendence prevents you from losing, not anyone else, so the combo/synergy will work.

I so hate this card because i don't own even one. It is quite annoying and so powerful. I'd like to use it with powerstone minefield or something.
Posted By: Qazior (2/19/2010 1:02:39 PM)


why does white hate this card? this + Transcendence = epicwin
Posted By: Gezus82 (11/29/2009 9:37:39 PM)



Melira, Sylvok Outcast would stop -1/-1 counters from being placed on creatures, regardless of the source or ability. Thus if you control Melira, the -1/-1 counters from Wither cannot be placed on your creatures. This does not count as the damage being prevented; it's still dealt, but it has no effect.
Posted By: CJM2 (8/1/2011 12:43:40 PM)


I play with a white deck and this is just so devastating...
Posted By: Ziquallx (8/11/2009 6:27:30 AM)


I'm with you Ziqallx
Looking at this card... makes me want to cry.
Posted By: Zyant (9/12/2009 10:29:12 PM)


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