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Good with buyback and other speels that return to your hand (sometimes) when you play them, creatures like Howling Wolf that bring another copy of the card to your hand when you play them, dredge, evoke and other alternate costs.
Posted By: A3Kitsune (1/25/2010 1:58:04 AM)


Well, you could use any of the lorwyn harbingers to get something that you already have in hand. That doesn't seem worth building a deck around though...
The evokers (like mulldrifter) count as casting it technically so you get one for evoke and a whole one for free...
Colfenor's plans can dig quite nicely... and these are just using Lorwyn cards, there must be something really worth doing in extended.
Posted By: Tommy9898 (5/20/2010 6:53:59 PM)


Wow, this card sure is *cough* sorry...
This card sure is epic, isn't it.
Posted By: Noyan_Dar (5/4/2011 8:23:27 AM)


very good in some decks. if you can bring cards from your grave to your hand this can be a very nice combo loop.
Posted By: thaviel (2/10/2009 9:24:28 PM)


The Mirari of Lorwyn.
Posted By: Gako (7/6/2009 9:09:18 PM)


now, what's the problem with this card?
-right: it's a four-mana artifact, supposed for mid-game.
additionally, it still requires 1 mana for activation each time, which takes away the last bit of fun i could imagine with an effect like this (which i consider to be great actually).
not much mana to save here considering the cost of 5, and don't forget about the card disadvantage - overall not worth building around. i'd at most play one in a Relentless Rats deck...and there you could just kick in a Jet Medallion instead.

i guess it was intended to become some sort of reusable Retraced Image, but this is rather a disappointment to me...
Posted By: Mode (11/13/2009 4:57:17 PM)


Pulse of the ___________ cycle?
Howling Wolf and squadron hawk?
Chaining Storm rituals?
Posted By: Tovaras (1/21/2011 5:00:46 PM)


Too lazy to try to figure out the cards. But doubling season and Summon the School seems like a fit for midgame shenanigans. Summon for 4, tap the four fish you got. Repeat with rest of mana. Course, you'll end up with a ton of tapped fish... but if you have a judge of currents down, oh darn, guess you'll just have to gain all that life. But otherwise. Eh, kinda useful, but I'm not quite enough of a johnny to truly break it.
Posted By: TheLastGasp (1/24/2011 11:14:11 AM)


First play Spine of Ish Sah.
Then sac it and return it to your hand.
Then play it again for 1! :D

And maybe if I have some Mirrorworks and Clock of Omens, I could really have some fun!

I'm going to throw one of these in my casual artifact deck and tutor for it with Kuldotha Forgemaster.
Posted By: dberry02 (7/11/2011 8:57:44 AM)


Interesting, clever, fun, yet incredibly incompetent. Like me. 5/5
Also, I think this was the first reference to Lorwyn's darker nature (shadowmoor). You can see a nice spirit lady thing in the mirror, but you can also make out a sinister skull-like face.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (11/6/2011 11:06:06 PM)