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It would be nifty if it counted Goblin spells by instead saying "put into a graveyard from anywhere", but that would be open to abuse from self-milling, so it's fine as it is and a must-have for any goblin deck. 4/5
Posted By: distinctactuality (3/19/2010 12:18:01 AM)


my goblin deck is based around dealing damage with multiple boggart shenanigans by sending goblins to the graveyard (and it's a BlackRed goblin deck :D
Posted By: wasp228 (2/21/2010 12:31:01 PM)


I have Knucklebone Witch and Mad Auntie...in combat Knucklebone Witch obtained 1 damager point...then in second fase Mad Auntie die...Knucklebone Witch have 1 damager point but obtained a +1/+1 counter...die or not??
Posted By: montoto (12/9/2010 8:59:25 AM)


(insert me gusta face here)
Posted By: WannabeJedi1337 (11/17/2011 9:26:41 AM)


(Card Rating: 4.0) This little goblin can become really large given the right circu^^stances. I run 4 of him in my black/red casual multiplayer goblin deck. To use his ability to the fullest extent, I run 4 Mogg War Marshal, 2 Boggart Shenanigans, 2 Goblin Chirurgeon, 2 Skirk Prospector, 2 Warren Weirding, 1 Tuktuk the Explorer, and 1 Wort, Boggart Auntie. A first turn "Knucklebone" followed by a second turn "Mogg War Marshal" is rather strong because the unpaid echo cost will benefit you even more. As with any other creatures that rely on counters, Knucklebone is very vulnerable against bounce effects. In a 1v1 match, left untouched, knucklebone becomes around a 5/5 rather easily. A few other cards that work well with hims are: Mogg Raider, Goblin Sledder... (see all)
Posted By: Misago (5/18/2010 3:01:38 PM)


Play with Ib Halfheart, Goblin Tactician.
Posted By: nammertime (12/30/2009 9:56:01 AM)


GREAT CARD! especially in a {R/B} goblin deck!
Posted By: DarkZaix (11/23/2009 7:25:12 PM)


To make this card even more OP than it is from loads of the small goblins you can get to destroy with bolts and such (or any other thing) tarfire and then top it off with goblin grenade... wow did Magic really think about how OP this card truely is... 4 tarfires and bam this card is a 5/5 and 4 tarfires are easy to get out
Posted By: Allric (12/12/2010 4:14:38 PM)


I didn't really like the black goblins... except for this one.
Posted By: kashonismw (9/18/2011 6:00:45 AM)


Probably best played with Mogg War Marshal, Siege-Gang Commander, Krenko, Ib, and a couple of Goblin Grenades.

Good old Patriarch's Bidding should also work here. And Undying Evil, if you want to get unconventional.
Posted By: Mode (3/20/2014 3:14:12 AM)


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