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I really like the old spooky art on some of these cards.
Posted By: GrimGorgonBC (10/30/2009 2:43:06 PM)


Gets a 4 simply on the basis of showcasing original MtG poetry!
Posted By: achilleselbow (4/10/2010 10:33:37 PM)


I shall freely admit it.

My 18-year old self back in 1995 was very, very happy to own an original Legends version of this card.

*drools some more*
Posted By: Lord_of_Tresserhorn (3/4/2012 10:09:17 AM)


Not a good card, but I still love it. "Her hand gently beckons, she whispers your name--but those who go with her are never the same."
Posted By: ratchet1215 (5/13/2010 8:18:31 PM)


nice art, but terrible for its cost, Bog Wraith was a 3/3 for 3Black. so I would at least expected a 2/2 for 1BlackBlack...
Posted By: Guest57443454 (11/29/2009 7:51:48 PM)


Evil Presence, Contaminated Ground, Tainted Well...classic, but not as useful as the Shades and Wraiths.
Posted By: LocoLarue (3/3/2012 11:52:17 AM)


Sure, the flavor text is awesome because it's written in amphibrachic tetrameter, but check this out:


Even the rules text is in amphibrachic tetrameter!

(bonus: Oracle says it's a Spirit now, and that still scans properly - even better than "lost soul" does :D)
Posted By: tenkaze (8/15/2011 4:12:21 PM)


4/5 ' ed for flavor and poem
Posted By: immelmann (3/19/2013 8:58:37 AM)


Again, the original trumps the novel in flavor but is bested in mechanics. see: Highborn Ghoul. This trend only confirms the spiritual decline of Western Civilization, which peaked some time between the release of Daydream Nation and Homelands.
Posted By: The_Erudite_Idiot (10/16/2013 11:48:36 PM)