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Now spams Skaab Ruinator resurrection. Also a handy drop in a Sun Titan deck, since it both works with any creatures the Titan was going to pull and is brought back by the Titan itself.
Posted By: LordRandomness (12/19/2011 11:31:06 PM)


Doran, the Siege Tower. So good on so many levels.
Posted By: djflo (2/18/2012 1:01:14 AM)


I woudn't rule this guy out of constructed so easily... There are so many different creatures he is able to combo with, giving you formidable solutions against many decks. Creature like Stingscourger and now you got a bounce every attack step. Or a creature like Qasali Pridemage to cast disenchant every turn. Any creature with echo or a sacrifice effect might be worth looking at if you want to try to run this dude. Also if you add things like Imperial Recruiter you can chump block with recruiter and cycle it back to fetch another possible threat. You can play a Survival of the Fittest style of deck with out playing green! Not to mention the 1/4 body adds great durability against most mass burn removal sitting in legacy deck sideboards. Firestorm, Volcanic Fallout, Pyroclasm, and Firespout


P.S. Combo wit... (see all)
Posted By: Internet_decks_lame (12/14/2010 10:26:19 PM)


The hoops are big because the effect is very powerful, especially given that it is repetable.

Certainly not constructed worthy, but great for casual.
Posted By: HairlessThoctar (3/6/2010 9:18:51 PM)


Getting dead things alive at instant speed... never a bad thing
Posted By: Nooble (3/11/2012 10:17:51 AM)


I just put him with Master Apothecary and they work together just fine in my cleric deck, especially when I need to get a Mother of Runes back.
Posted By: pumaman83 (9/24/2009 1:07:59 PM)


This guy can bring back Woolly Thoctars, Myr Superions, Stoneforge Mystics and Tarmogoyfs. Think about it.
Posted By: Sutebe (7/14/2011 6:16:43 PM)


This guy is an absolute beast in my Goatpocalypse Springjack Shepherd, Springjack Pasture deck. He basically singlehandedly makes the deck immune to burn and creature kill, and I can snatch him up with my Kithkin Harbingers. 5 out of 5 for improving my favorite deck.
Posted By: UsagiYojimbo (9/11/2011 9:58:13 PM)


This is great as a blocker, never mind the ability.
Posted By: land_comment (2/26/2011 11:47:36 AM)


Hmmm, his effect is cool, but in regards to untaps, I do have other preferences. I'll list them now!
Pili-Pala, Gilder Bairn, and Patrol Signaler for starters, infinite mana, infinite counters, and infinite creatures, respectively. Of course, if you're wondering how they're infinite.... Paradise Mantle and Training Grounds. You don't even need to splash blue. You'll have a Paradise mantle, just tap that for blue, play training grounds, and then you're set. It's infinite combos for beginners, practically. Anyway, I'm sure you can come up with something for this guy, and if you can't, I'll give you a little push. Ashnod's Altar. Such an amazing card, and a combo piece. Here's another one, Farrelite Priest, and, believe it or not, Blood Vassal.

2 plains, a paradise mantled this, a training grounds, and both the priest and ... (see all)
Posted By: Psuedonaut (2/13/2011 1:44:56 AM)