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Now to find a proper sac outlet.
Posted By: Forgeling (8/15/2009 7:59:16 PM)


Posted By: Qazior (10/21/2009 11:59:35 AM)


Momentous Fall as well.
Posted By: boneclub (6/26/2010 10:24:51 AM)


Or Greater Good. Also very good in EDH environments with a lot of board wipes.

Note: Finds Murmuring Bosk, Sapseep Forest, and duals.
Posted By: Sarisa_ (3/8/2010 7:51:17 AM)


Sac it to Primal Growth for tons of lands
Posted By: Vellas (9/19/2010 1:49:19 AM)


This card is absolutely smitten with Amulet of Vigor
Posted By: ZestuXIII (4/19/2011 9:31:59 AM)


Duals, or dual land, are the original twin-colored land from Alpha through Revised Edition. They do count as the basic land types. Shock lands from the Ravnica Block do as well.

Regarding the card: It's a 4/4 for 5, which is not entirely horrible on its own. Consider the fact that your enemy will not want to kill it with a blocker. That means he can quickly become a threat if let repeatedly through, or blocked with weenies. And three. Three! Forests is a lot.

He's a solid 3.5/5 for constructed, a beast in limited, but where he truly shines in my opinion is in EDH. Especially considering all the Graveyard abuse in that format. Overall 4/5 from me! Awesome card!
Posted By: Whales (7/27/2012 5:32:56 PM)


Hey Planeswalkers,
Do you have a problem getting a lot of mana? Are you able only to get at most 5 out a game? Are you angry at your pitiful life? Do you like green?
Well this card is for you.
Posted By: Blue_Blur (6/25/2009 10:11:36 PM)


It doesn't find duals, Sarisa. Unless you're speaking of a dual that counts as a forest. Murmuring bosk is a good one though.
Posted By: Jeremydav (8/15/2011 10:26:24 AM)


Mercy Killing yields 4 1/1's and 3 forests.
Posted By: PEVE_O (2/12/2011 3:09:22 PM)


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