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Drafting this and Jace together in Lorwyn block was ridiculous.
Posted By: 2pcsofcandy (5/21/2009 12:32:05 AM)


Most useful in an oustanding combo deck: Play Doomsday, and choose Shelldock Isle, Emrakul, the Aeons Torn, and whatever the hell else you want (it doesn't matter). On your turn, play the Shelldock Isle, grabbing and removing Emrakul. Next turn, activate the Shelldock to play your Emrakul.

Posted By: redshoesrock (8/3/2010 8:46:04 PM)


This card is pretty sweet with Doomsday.
Posted By: jamis30 (5/17/2010 7:05:49 AM)


gotta love this in everyone's favorite mill deck
Posted By: Dingo777 (5/4/2009 3:37:59 PM)


@AlphaNumerical: That's why this is a combo card. It's not supposed to be used for a game that has been going on for 30 turns or more.

I suggest Mirror of Fate with Vedalken Engineer and Etherium Sculpter. Use Shelldock Isle to get out Emrakul, the Aeons Torn. Make sure you have some cards in the exiled pile before doing this. Perhaps Selective Memory.
Posted By: Elleran (11/29/2010 7:06:45 PM)


With a couple of Mesmeric Orb on the battlefield, SOMEONE is going to get under 20 cards.
Posted By: dberry02 (12/9/2010 4:22:41 AM)


I'd rather use this with an Archive Trap with a Ghost Quarter in play. Great for finishing your opponent in any non-combo milling strategy
Posted By: Lord_Sauron (1/15/2011 12:20:59 PM)


Was actually a bit of a roleplayer in constructed in the TwinSanity decks (relying on Twincast + Insanity Grinding + lots of blue mana symbols).

Often a single TwinSanity wouldn't completely deck them, but you could then activate this and pull another Insanity Grinding or just a Cryptic Command to stall the game out a bit more till you can hit them again or they deck themselves.
Posted By: djflo (4/29/2012 5:21:14 AM)


wow!! just noticed that there is a cycle of 7 cmc rare creatures from this shadowmoor that corrispond to the hideaway lands from lorwyn! just think,

hollowborn barghest for howltooth hollow.

isleback spawn for shelldock isle.

knollspine dragon for spinerock knoll.

mossbridge troll for mosswort bridge.

windbrisk raptor for windbrisk heights.
Posted By: powerdude (10/6/2010 4:56:35 PM)


I predict a reprint in Innistrad, considering the graveyard theme, and Visions of Beyond
Posted By: Condor_96 (8/22/2011 1:19:36 PM)


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