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great card. Aggressive with a fair drawback, that can also be used as a discard engine for reanimation/madness/what have-you.

Designwise its' very good too; combo players like it for fast free hand to graveyard shenanigans, spikes like its aggressiveness (and faerie-ness), melvins like the simple clean interactions with this card, vorthos likes the very faerie-esque flavour.
Posted By: justicarphaeton (10/18/2010 11:16:33 PM)


if you feel like being fancy you can use this as a discard/madness engine as well
Posted By: Gezus82 (6/7/2010 6:52:34 PM)


Run with Prowl cards. They may start thinking discarding two cards is favorable to getting hit with Knowledge Exploitation. But wait! Its so lose-lose its not even funny.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (8/5/2011 7:47:01 AM)


I love cards that give your opponent a choice. They may not always do what you want, but the fact that they have some say in the outcome means you get to watch them squirm.

For example, drop this on turn three after a turn-two Oona's Blackguard. Then on turn 4, drop Sygg, River Cutthroat before you swing.

Do they discard two cards? Or do they take four damage, discard one, let you draw a card, and risk a prowl effect? The choice is theirs, and they'll hate both of them.

Wow. Man, I used to think of myself as a blue mage. What happened to me?
Posted By: MisterAction (7/15/2012 3:21:34 AM)


No comment if you think that Oona's Prowler causes Obstinate Baloth come into play. Your opponent makes a decision whether discard or not, you don't CAUSE your opponent to discard a card. That's why he can't put Baloth into the battlefield.
Posted By: whoiam (6/28/2011 2:06:30 PM)


To anyone underestimating this card: Look at the other fliers black gets. They're usually overpriced or way up on the mana curve. You'd be really hard pressed to find a good black flier for this mana cost. The only one recently to come close is Vault Skirge.
Posted By: 2pcsofcandy (7/16/2011 3:40:01 PM)


This card is perfect. An efficient flying beater for black, and an ability that would leave your opponent scratching his head, and as others have stated, a combo enabler for madness/reanimation decks. In my opinion, this card is the poster child for Rogues as well. It shows just how aggressive that tribe wants to be.
Posted By: KerosAohco (3/23/2012 3:19:16 PM)


Oh man, the potential play mistakes...for anyone who has yet to play against this and may ever do so, my tip to you is this: just take the 3, lest you get 0 for 1'd.
Posted By: izzet_guild_mage (4/12/2010 12:51:45 PM)


A fantastic black creature for the cost with excellent combo potential. Gotta love 'im.
Posted By: Chrome_Coyote (9/24/2010 1:51:45 PM)


He 3/1 flyer for 1Black awsome and who wouldn't be tempted to discard to take 2 less damage. other then people who understand card advantage.
Posted By: thaviel (3/11/2009 6:20:32 PM)


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