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Teferi's Veil does allow your stolen creatures to dodge exile triggers at the end of turn. Unfortunately it does not trigger the CIP creature steal of the Clique itself.

That being said, it's still a good card.
Posted By: OverfiendSurprise (4/6/2010 2:11:13 AM)


Put this next to Makeshift Mannequin. Now compare their art.
Posted By: A3Kitsune (3/13/2010 5:20:54 AM)


im sorry but this card is nuts with Sage of Fables just find a sac outlet and sac him for every creature in an opponents graveyard
Posted By: be-ash (6/6/2010 10:43:16 AM)


If I control a Puppeteer Clique, and my opponent attacks me with Kitchen Finks. When they both trade in combat do my persist ability resolves first (according to ANAP)?
Posted By: PlayerDee (6/4/2009 1:08:36 PM)


Play it with teferi's veil.

Actually, this guy nets you a significant advantage even without any support.
Posted By: Shiizu (12/5/2009 6:29:26 AM)


I thought I'd seen the last of cliques in high school!

D :
Posted By: Deepfried-Owls (6/29/2011 11:01:46 AM)


Overcosted for a one shot ability dependent on what your opponent has and whether or not you got it into your opponent's graveyard. Yes you get to play it again if the creature dies, but put this card next to Sower of Temptation. See what I mean. This card should have been uncommon.
Posted By: sweetestsadist (11/13/2008 11:53:31 AM)


Dont *** Wit Dis Clique
Posted By: MasterOfEtherium (8/3/2009 11:31:38 PM)


sweetestsadist: I have to disagree, Sower of Temptation takes one creature in play and steals it for as long as you have the Sower, so the second they kill it they get the creature back
This steals a creature from their graveyard and takes it away once you're done so that they in turn, cannot reuse it. Then it does this twice. With a little creativity, this card can wreck your opponent, whereas Sower of Temptation is merely a more fragile Mind Control, which has its ups and downs, but if anything, that should have been uncommon, not this, this card is totally rare material.
Posted By: poprockmonster (11/6/2011 10:57:37 AM)


Best used with any of the Titans, since you get both an entrance trigger and an attack trigger. Also, Puppeteer Clique is amazing with Vish Kal, Blood Arbiter.
Posted By: typezeroserodin (2/5/2012 9:18:21 PM)


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