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"I'll cast Blasphemous Act."

"...I have bad news."
Posted By: MasterOfBearLore (8/13/2012 2:40:17 PM)


The card has unfortunately very limited use and has a comparably high mana cost nontheless,
yet as opposed to Deflection, Shunt or Swerve, this can notably also redirect burn spells with multiple aims, e.g. Fireball, the aforementioned Earthquake or Pyroclasm.
If this was cheaper and deflected instants as well, this could become an interesting sideboard choice.
Posted By: Mode (12/19/2009 6:15:21 AM)


it deals with Banefire.
Posted By: SPhoenix (8/16/2010 7:23:11 AM)


The ancestor to Deflection, Swerve, and Redirect. Though it doesn't say it outright, the card is basically a red/black color hoser. This card was killer when Fireball was guaranteed to be in every red deck out there and when many black decks used Drain Life.

It's mostly overshadowed anymore by the newer, proper redirect cards, but it still has its uses against oddities like Hurricane, Earthquake, Typhoon, Sickening Dreams, Rolling Earthquake, etc. etc.

Reflect Damage does the same thing for any source - instant, sorcery, even permanents - for one CMC more. Only catch is that its White/Red.
Posted By: yyukichigai (7/1/2011 4:53:45 PM)


This card could cause problems against any mass damage sorcery...Earthquake being the most notable...
Posted By: Guest57443454 (12/4/2009 3:21:56 PM)


Imigane using this against an apposing earthquake
Posted By: MrJosherz (12/16/2008 10:07:08 AM)


Functionally similar to the card Hallow
Posted By: Kryptnyt (11/27/2013 10:50:21 AM)


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