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I tended to stay away from the card in draft but after getting my face smashed in a few times I decided to try it out. The next 3 consecutive drafts that I used this card, I won. It's a must-answer when you have it on the right critter. However, since it is an aura, I can only realistically give it 3 stars, as it so easily turns into card disadvantage in the wrong game.
Posted By: Guest1260521758 (7/28/2009 9:37:36 AM)


Godly with Uril.
Posted By: HairlessThoctar (12/27/2009 3:21:18 PM)


Play it with Sigil of the Empty Throne, and it won't seem like card disadvantage. Auras are getting better and better, but in today's spot-removal rich metagame, they're also pretty risky. Asha's Favor plays particularly well against all-out aggro decks, as giving one of your creatures flying, first strike, and vigilance means you've got an evasive attacker that can still hang around to block and kill like-sized enemy creatures.
Posted By: Eppek_the_Goblin (2/16/2009 1:49:05 PM)


This card + vampire night hawk = <3 :)
Posted By: daekoaram (2/5/2010 6:46:23 PM)


I use these in a White/Green aura deck with Kor Spiritdancer and Aura Gnarlid.
This alone makes the spiritdancer a 2/4 flying, first strike, vigilance and the gnarlid 3/3.
Posted By: n00bmag1 (8/5/2010 9:27:53 PM)


auras = card disadvantage. But I still LOVE this card.
Posted By: ZEvilMustache (1/31/2009 8:36:36 AM)


My three barnone favorite abilities for 3 mana is wonderous
Posted By: TheSwarm (8/25/2010 9:06:27 AM)


Either I don't know how to cost enchantments, or this is broken.
Posted By: land_comment (3/30/2011 2:55:21 PM)


plated slagwurm. enough said
Posted By: froggytherock (5/29/2010 8:26:07 AM)


I don't like to go for Auras that much, Druid's Call being the token-tastic exception. This is worth it though; one useful and strategic ability per mana. That's really good, and this is good in a white/green, creature-focused deck. A creature with flying, first strike, vigilance, AND trample is ridiculously hard to beat. Now if only we could get protection on this creature, it would kind of kill everything!
Posted By: kuzimu (4/1/2009 1:37:29 PM)


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