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Into a Core set please!
Posted By: nimzo (5/20/2011 9:58:18 AM)


So, most of us agree that this card is awesome (I love it), but what is happening in the art?!? I don't even......
Posted By: Bigg_ol_FATTKIDD (5/14/2010 7:28:46 PM)


easy to play any of the Bringers with this, but i think most people forgot about them. fist of suns and this makes every spell's cmc 5 :D
ooh and gauntlet of power!
Posted By: Tezz (10/18/2009 9:03:25 AM)


Donovan, I don't really think you're using this card correctly. If you have a Serra's Sanctum, then you have the choice of T: add U or T: add G or T: add W or T: add B or T: add R. Additionally, you have T: add xW. If you tap Serra's Sanctum, you still can add W for each enchantment you control. Read the additional rulings, "lands still retain their abilities."
Posted By: Arglypuff (2/9/2010 4:25:05 PM)


I believe this is the best mana fixer in the game. It has a ton of uses in any deck of 2 or more colors. Yes, it opens you up to all of the basic landwalk evasion abilities but if you build around this card your opponents will not be able to stop you. Tap two basic forests for a Terminate!

Especially silly For any green deck with a splash of another color this card is an MVP.
I have been on the recieving end of 2 Last Stands in consecutive turns with this in play. Ouch, game over!
Posted By: Pantheon (3/5/2010 6:34:54 AM)


makes Draco a 9/9 artifact flyer for 6!!!
Posted By: ThaBishop (6/22/2010 2:29:34 AM)


Just two mana from the Keeper.
Posted By: CatsAreCthala (1/15/2010 9:42:44 PM)


Last Stand is the obvious use, but also useful for fueling Coalition Victory (along with Transguild Courier).
Posted By: achilleselbow (6/21/2010 8:13:24 PM)


This thing is the crux of my 5-color deck. I've got plenty of land-based spells like Corrupt and Mutilate, and stuff like Landbind Ritual.
Posted By: silverfist (1/22/2010 6:42:44 PM)


This bashes face with Last Stand, land search and Reclaim effects.
Posted By: GrimjawxRULES (5/28/2011 10:18:18 AM)


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