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Bloom Tender + Freed from the Real + Oona, Queen of the Fae, who needs Jace.
Posted By: The_Blue_Tunic (3/22/2011 4:44:29 PM)


This is in my Top 5 favorite art from all of Magic the Gathering. It is just unnervingly gorgeous.

As for the ability, Painter's Servant, just in case target opponent isn't running a monocolor deck. Then you're guaranteed X tokens.
Posted By: sarroth (4/19/2011 12:01:26 PM)


@ froggytherock,

Perhaps you mean lich lord of unx is stunningly similar to her, considering print date.

He's all like, "Man, this weird chick is all 'YOUR LIBRARY IS MY BICH, BICH!' and I wanna be like you!"

Posted By: Ferlord (10/8/2011 1:32:00 PM)


shes stunningly similar to lich lord of unx:

They're both blue-black
They both make blue-black tokens
They both mill

The only difference is Oona is on steroids.
Posted By: froggytherock (6/4/2010 1:29:10 PM)


My favorite card ever!

Put simply, she's a levitating floral arrangement with mind powers and and spawning capabilities that could flip a dragon.

As Oona is a 5/5 with flying and her manna cost is even just at that. Not quite good enough by itself, but nice being that there are so few large wizards. (There are only five other 5/5 wizards in existence, only one with a higher toughness (2/6) and none with higher power, and only one of them (dragon mage) flies and he has a dangerous trigger ability)

Her ability is grand. First it allows her to eat decks and put the cards where they can almost never be accessed again. This alone makes the the star card in my mill deck. (I never even attack with her and my opponents either scream or resign when they see her)

Second, either as the purpose or as a side effect, depending on who you ask, she produces armies of little flying bug-faeries to eat your opponent, or chump block all of his attacks. (I even forget about these sometimes. Even withou... (see all)
Posted By: Zoah (8/5/2010 2:48:22 AM)


A mill that puts the removed cards safely out of the game and generates tokens equal to possibly the amount of cards removed? You can play it even if you're color screwed? 5/5 with flying on top of all that? What's not to love? Give her shroud and deck someone.
Posted By: Facevaulterrules234 (6/23/2009 8:35:44 PM)


The only comfort the opponent has is that Oona is in what is probably my slowest deck.
There is nothing not to love about this card. So right in so many ways...unless youre on the receiving end, that is.

"worst card even printed...."
Got burned by Oona, didnt ya? ;-)
Posted By: donjohnson (4/29/2011 11:09:49 AM)


Even in a deck such as mine that uses Scion of Oona and other soldiers and wizards without the blackguard buff I use Scion for shroud instead as well as a +1/+1 boost x3. She mills and spams combined with shroud the game is in the bag. But for all instances counters suck balls which is why I use Dark Ritual x2 so I can use Oona and have mana for counters like countersquall which I use in the deck.
Posted By: EnV (8/6/2009 4:18:55 PM)


She is definitely in my mill/control deck, she is bad***. I was milling so much with one friend that he lost all of his copies of Unmake that he had, which was most of the removal he had available. He finally got rid of her with...I think it was an Oblivion Ring, but by the time he did, the game was already about over. I used Jace Beleren to finish the job.
Posted By: The_Somnambulist (10/11/2009 9:58:30 PM)


Oona, Queen of the Fae - The Mother of Us All! Her beauty is spectacular and terrible to behold. The elusive Oona blossoms deep in the heart of fabled Glen Elendra. She is nourished by the nectar of dreams that her progeny gathers for her across the lands. A Legend worthy of her status as ruler of all of Lorwyn-Shadowmoor, untapping with Oona in play is a death sentence to your opponents as she will soon flood the board with faeries to dominate them. She is the Godflower of the Fae. Her capricious children are the mightiest.
Posted By: sporvan (11/19/2008 10:29:59 AM)