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Sacrifice it to summon Lord of the Pit.
Posted By: Necrokeryx (3/1/2011 1:36:17 PM)


Nice, a possessed boars !
Posted By: True_Smog (11/19/2009 4:12:30 AM)


Of all the NC casting cost N/N vanilla creatures, this is surely one of my favourite. You don't see boars and quotes from the Bible very often together!
Posted By: Paolino (1/12/2012 1:18:35 AM)


I used these in green decks as a kid alongside of craw wurms and basilisks. While nothing special, when there were a hundred fewer sets to pull cards from, critters like this could have uses for the casual players.
Posted By: Quentil (3/27/2012 6:18:12 PM)


Ugh, enough with the pointless arguments on this page. Just discuss the card.
Anyway... vanilla creature, but delicious Biblical flavor. I'd rather have a Stampeding Rhino though.
Posted By: Trygon_Predator (5/3/2012 12:02:44 PM)


If anyone asks me for a biblical verse from now on I'm going to say, "Duskwood Boars 5:13."
Posted By: shady-tradesman (10/28/2009 2:26:10 PM)


A baseline 4/4 creature, nothing too special about this card except that it features a rare Bible quote for its flavour text...
Posted By: Guest57443454 (11/25/2009 1:51:21 PM)


Bonus points if you know why the unclean spirits went out...
Here's a hint: the exorcist's name starts with "J" and ends with "esus".

Edit: scumbling1
Err... okay. Thanks for trolling! I would post something about how you've blown what I said way out of proportion, but it wouldn't serve much purpose, would it? I'm glad I'm not religious, because otherwise I might have actually gotten mad at your pathetically obvious flame attempt (you do realize that someone can read the Bible, remember phrases from it, and talk about them without being a believer, right?). You need some more practice before you gain your regeneration and weakness to fire and acid.
Posted By: TDL (4/8/2011 7:16:46 PM)


Yes, let us discuss the strategic merits and combo possibilities of this classic 4/4 green vanilla.
Posted By: SarcasmElemental (9/16/2013 5:14:38 PM)


Laregly overshadowed by Spined Wurm from Stronghold.
Posted By: Equinox523 (3/5/2014 10:24:02 AM)