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Not even close.
You can attack with this a few turns. You can't attack with cycled cards.
You can chump block, then sac it for the draw before it dies. Cycled cards can't chump block.
What you said would be like saying Sakura-Tribe Elder is the same as Rampant Growth.
Posted By: Eved (8/15/2010 3:18:53 AM)


3.5 for nostalgia's sake. I would get so frustrated when these were thrown out, back when I was learning Magic.
Posted By: BorosRecruit (8/25/2009 11:51:37 AM)


Being a secretary, this could actually be a Construct Advisor, couldn't it?
Posted By: Mode (10/14/2012 11:36:45 AM)


Good old brass secretary. A workhorse artifact creature before artifact creatures were all tribal or were allowed to be as good as coloured creatures.
Posted By: Baconradar (10/21/2011 4:57:00 AM)


The art and flavor is there. But 3 for a 2/1 with 2, Sac: Draw a card is pretty mana intensive. It would have been better as a 1, Sac: Draw.
Posted By: rareibis (12/14/2011 7:32:46 PM)


I like how this is so close to being like today's standard for artifact creatures. :)
It's no Solemn Simulacrum, but it's not trying to be because it's a common, duh.

To be happy to open this in Limited, all I'd ask of it today was a little more toughness. If it could have as much as 4, I'd like it as an uncommon!
Posted By: DarthParallax (4/29/2013 12:12:26 PM)


These kinds of card were so much better back when damage stacked.
Posted By: XuberAntGaming (9/13/2011 7:00:20 AM)


it is basically, pay 5: cycle.
Posted By: Tommy9898 (6/3/2010 7:14:59 PM)


Cute ole robot guy.
Posted By: LordOfTheFlies87 (8/22/2013 7:01:08 PM)