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I just built an EDH deck with this as the general, and showed it to my friends.

I no longer have any friends.
Posted By: RJDroid (10/10/2011 11:54:48 AM)


Faerie on the left: "What happened to our clothes?"
Faerie in the middle: "Oona said they were unnecessary."
Faerie on the right: "And here I thought we were just relying on our captivating glances!"
Posted By: Goatllama (9/1/2012 11:01:00 AM)


Iliona! Veesa! Endry! The Vendilion Clique is absolutely amazing. A fast, highly efficient card with an aggressive power to boot. What makes the siblings so fantastic is that they can pry the minds of your opponents and make them get rid of their most prized card - this literally swings games for you. Of course you should always remember you can use their ability on yourself to cycle away cards that you don't need, for example a Bitterblossom when you're low on life. The Flash ability is just extra power. When you need a job done, call the siblings!
Posted By: sporvan (11/15/2008 1:09:35 AM)


among the best blue three drops in the game, up there with Trinket Mage, Psychatog, and Tarmogoyf + Spell Snare
Posted By: NeverendingDream (2/25/2010 2:05:17 AM)


3 power flyer for 3 mana? Flash? Thoughtseize-like effect for free? Ability to cycle a card in your hand for free? This has got to be my favorite blue card ever, and therefore my favorite card ever.
Posted By: LeoKula (3/5/2010 6:08:26 AM)


One of the best faeries and blue creatures (maybe the best) ever made! It is now a tournament favorite because of its flashiness and disruption. A high-tempo gaining card.Nice.
Posted By: MarkJR (4/17/2009 12:27:08 AM)


Tunnel Vision. Good Night
Posted By: AjaniHouse (8/4/2011 7:02:29 PM)


Neverendingdream means that Spell Snare is a top blue card thanks to Tarmogoyf.
Posted By: Eved (6/20/2010 7:18:04 PM)


Faeries are the probably most overpowered tribe ever. Just have a look at those faerie cards:
-Mistbind Clique
-Sower of Temptation
-Scion of Oona
-Spellstutter Sprite
-Oona's Prowler
-Glen Elendra Archmage
And some of those didn't even see play!
Posted By: GengilOrbios (9/18/2011 2:18:20 AM)


This is one of the best flash threats in the game and also has a pretty skill-intensive ability, which I approve of. I would like to see more highly playable cards with skill intensive abilities like this.
Posted By: Lackeos (12/28/2011 1:21:21 AM)


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