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@ supershawn - I know right. That's not even a ruling. It's not even correct.

"Hey judge, can you just like, give us your general opinion on this card?"

"Aura Theif? Yeah, I'm not interested in that stupid card. Enchantments are for smack crackers. Who'd want to steal them?"

There are currently 917 enchantments that have the word 'you' or 'opponent' written on them, and many with activated abilites.
Posted By: Wraique (5/14/2012 2:28:05 AM)


Read that ruling. Let's apply the same principles to other cards.

Maelstrom Pulse: Most permanents are lands, so this card probably isn't that useful.
Doom Blade: 15-20% of creatures are black, so this is nearly unplayable.
Treachery: Some creatures have effects that are independent of controller so this is worthless.
Vindicate: Can't kill Emrakul, bin it.
Posted By: RedAtrocitus (11/27/2012 3:26:12 PM)


The guy who suggested Auratog thinks in the direction I'd go with this card. I may not get to move the enchantments, but I can sacrifice them.

I can't think of an environment when I'd be certain enough to come across enough enchantment-heavy decks for this to be worthwhile, except maybe as a single in a tool-box type deck.
Posted By: BegleOne (6/8/2011 4:31:10 PM)


"Gaining control of an enchantment often isn't very interesting..."

One of the only times Wizards takes pains to acknowledge that a card sucks, it's about a card that doesn't actually suck.
Posted By: Salient (7/28/2013 8:08:37 PM)


Just took control of the Gods and their almighty weapons. I'm feeling pretty good right about now. Time for a nap.
-Theros smasher.
Posted By: JarieSuicune (11/19/2013 6:39:28 AM)


Examples of auras for which it matters who controls them:
Firebreathing: The activated ability is on the enchantment, not on the creature, so you decide whether to pump up the enchanted creature (and will presumably decide not to).
Control Magic: It says "you control enchanted creature", and who "you" is changes. So in this case you'd steal the creature, too.
Vow of Wildness: The "you" in "can't attack you" is the enchantment's controller, so now that creature can't attack you, but can attack whomever the previous controller was.
Prison Term: The controller is the one who decides whether to move it to a new creature.

Examples of auras for which it doesn't matter:
Unholy Strength, Rancor, Power of Fire, Arrest
Posted By: sonorhC (8/23/2011 8:59:25 AM)


Basically you get to control or change what the enchantment or aura does. You can deny opponents their auras that require activated abilities to be effective. Auras with static and triggered abilities won't really matter, unless they affect "you" somehow. Regular enchantments are usually static, but also usually penalize your "opponent" and benefit "you" (the controller).
Posted By: OutlawD1 (4/15/2010 7:28:15 AM)


I just love the fact that it's stuck on a flying 2/2 body... SMEXY!
Posted By: dberry02 (8/12/2010 11:42:29 AM)


This plus Auratog.
Posted By: UNBAN_SHAHRAZAD (7/23/2010 6:53:58 PM)


enchanted evening + this
Posted By: brockdjwest (11/3/2009 2:54:12 PM)