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To be fair, blue doesn't get big creatures at common very often. When it does, they generally aren't too efficient. However, this is a better Sea Serpent, so props for that, I guess.

I think the main focus of the card is that it's a 6/6 for 6, not that it makes islands. I mean, this was printed in the same set as merfolk tribal, and THEY were the ones with islandwalk and the ability to make islands. I guess they didn't want to step into that tribe's territory too much. Though I think cards like this were the reason the Elemental tribe wasn't played much outside of red (and with the exception of Mulldrifter and Revellark, but they weren't really played alongside any of their elemental kin).

Evasion might be a bit iffy on this thing. I mean, it would fit flavourfully, sure, but sometimes a very unseeming little thing can turn a shit card into a very efficient one. A 6/6 islandwalker is really good for common blue.
Posted By: DoctorKenneth (4/17/2010 11:10:24 AM)


Strictly better than Sea Monster (and of course Sea Serpent).

Plus, combo with Sage of Fables!
Posted By: HuntingDrake (11/13/2010 12:09:30 AM)


there are better ways to make island's and this deserves island walk.
Posted By: thaviel (2/10/2009 9:07:04 PM)


Use with Reef Shaman. Then it stays a 6/6 for six mana, which is a good deal for blue. Growable with proliferate, and blue has plenty of evasion-granting spells and abilities.
Posted By: jfre81 (11/3/2011 1:08:27 AM)


It's the serpent elemental!
At least it's a good wall.
Posted By: DoragonShinzui (4/16/2012 8:46:01 AM)


Hey, at least it can make its own Islands. If your opponent is already playing Blue, then it's an efficient beater.
Posted By: Trygon_Predator (5/8/2012 8:33:37 PM)


How was this a common? You can see how they felt the need for NWO after Lorwyn/Shadowmoor.
Posted By: CastleOrange (2/26/2013 4:28:19 PM)