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It's like Lightning Bolt, only it's worse.
It's like Thunderclap, only it costs Red more and can target a player.
It's like Fireblast, only it deals 75% of the damage for Red more, which completely defeats the purpose of a card like Fireblast, so it doesn't really matter that you get to save a single land.

And, despite all of this, it's still rather good in Mono-Red burn decks.
Posted By: Ragamander (4/29/2010 7:23:33 AM)


A recent article talked about sacrificing lands to help your Goblins. Go look at it under Daily MTG
Posted By: Alqatrkapa (1/10/2010 6:21:19 PM)


This shouldn't have such a low rating. It's at least a 3/5.

Like GododDestruction said, good for mono- {R} burn.
Posted By: VirtueVsVice (11/15/2009 8:24:08 AM)


A decent card for Burn - 3.5/5

PS to Tommy9898 - Thunderclap only targets creatures; Shard Volley targets creatures and players. Shard Volley is better.
Posted By: redshoesrock (6/15/2010 8:36:54 AM)


This is a piece of crap outside of MRB.

That said, this is Bolts 17-20 (Lightning Bolt, Chain Lightning, Riftbolt, and Lava Spike)

This is what makes Sports Car Burn Sports Car Burn.

4/5 for Burn, 2/5 for any normal deck, though I can see a Land Sac abuse deck with this, Fireblast and Life from the Loam.
Posted By: boneclub (5/15/2010 1:27:10 PM)


Lightning Bolt with a land sacrifice setback... This is good if you are running a mono-red burn deck... 3/5
Posted By: God_of_Destruction (8/14/2009 3:25:53 AM)


Thunderclap is better.
Posted By: Tommy9898 (3/3/2010 9:16:58 PM)


This is not a piece of crap outside MRB dude. If Valakut could play this in Std it would own. Not to mention using it with countryside crusher and/or seismic assault decks.
Posted By: lorendorky (7/29/2010 10:22:08 AM)


Any card that can throw 3 damage for R or less is not bad.
Posted By: HairlessThoctar (9/21/2010 11:35:58 AM)


This was legal at the same time as Crucible of Worlds. Not a bad card AT ALL if you're running the crucible.
Posted By: OpenSeasonNoobs (11/21/2010 8:47:04 PM)