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This is one of the most effective strategies to run 8 post, especially if you want to do a budget version. Pumping out the second cloudpost in a turn, on top of a clash with an artisan of Kozilek, will usually lead to a concession right then and there. Abuse with landfall as well.
Posted By: SeiberTross (8/30/2011 1:41:49 PM)


I'm surprised of this lowish rating... while you don't get to search for a specific land, you're able to go with a non-basic land if its revealed, which is quite powerful itself, especially in 3+ color decks that require a less-basic manabase. Throw in that if you win the clash you gain card advantage, and it's even more powerful. That's not even to mention that the land comes out untapped.
Posted By: JaxsonBateman (2/23/2013 11:22:20 PM)


For mana acceleration, I've found this to be one of my very favorite cards. When playing my green "big fatty high-mana costed creatures and stuff" deck, I've found this to be a trump card (6 mana tends to always equal 2 additional lands a turn, that don't even come into play tapped!)
Posted By: Dark_Raider (9/9/2009 5:55:13 AM)


Posted By: Dr_Kraid (6/8/2009 2:52:14 PM)


Stack your deck if you've got extra mana playing Belcher
Posted By: NeverendingDream (8/5/2010 10:15:12 PM)


Controlling the clash unfortunately turns out to be quite difficult in this case.
Posted By: Mode (2/22/2009 12:51:08 PM)


Sorry, I'm confused. What happens if you have no more lands in your library? Do you get to arrange your library however you want? -Yes it does, found that out after reading rules text.
Posted By: Moosecadet (1/17/2010 7:36:39 PM)


This card is hot, win or lose the clash it is never really a loss, especially if u lose with another land...
Posted By: Mprime818 (6/10/2009 5:38:20 PM)


I like cards like this that involve a bit of luck/chaos/randomness/surprise!
Posted By: adolphus (11/22/2013 6:03:25 AM)


Play in a landless deck. Not easy, but it will literally rearrange your deck as you see fit.
Posted By: Enelysios (5/18/2014 10:56:30 AM)


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