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Talking about "power creep" in the early days of Magic, look at Land Leeches.
Posted By: holgir (9/11/2009 6:39:03 AM)


One of the most obsoleted cards ever, obsolete when printed, and obsoleted in the next set...I'm surprised this card doesn't give out poison counters...
Posted By: Guest57443454 (11/25/2009 8:21:34 PM)


"Aside from the fact that this card is rather ridiculous"

Well, the name alone...

Wizards should make a set with the theme: "Vertebrate-Invertebrate hybrids"

... Glowworm-Gorilla

Posted By: Arachobia (5/18/2011 11:40:24 PM)


Aside from the fact that this card is rather ridiculous (e.g. when compared to Elvish Archers), shouldn't its creature type actually include the type Insect as well? I mean, look at the artwork, look at its name.
If Coiling Oracle manages to be an Snake Elf, this shouldn't have any problems being a Snake Insect, should it?

I'm also wondering how a Hornet Cobra can not have a deathtouch-related ability...
Posted By: Mode (8/7/2009 8:58:22 AM)


Really should have had a different ability. Deathtouch or similar, or poison. Hmm, Deathtouch and First Strike would be a very nice ability combination. As would Deathtouch and Poisonous.
Posted By: A3Kitsune (3/15/2010 2:08:22 AM)


Terrible card - but great art.
Posted By: djflo (11/29/2010 8:21:01 PM)


"I have this card in a different language.. Spanish or something"

That would be Italian. Legends' printrun in Italian was almost three times greater than in English.
Posted By: scumbling1 (3/15/2011 2:59:56 PM)


I have this card in a different language..

Spanish or something

Anyways, there are better cards.
Posted By: Gaffy00 (8/18/2011 9:37:46 PM)


Not sure this warrants a half star. It's certainly outdated, but especially for the time there were worse 3 CMC green creatures out there (the 2/2's with landwalk come to mind from Ice Age). But either way, I like to think it's a decent tradeoff compared to Scathe Zombies, rather have the first strike than one toughness.

Of course, that's a black and this is green, so... still, I'd nearly consider this playable, but not quite. Maybe 1 and a half stars or so.
Posted By: Yukikah (9/15/2011 12:58:26 AM)


I like the art.. but that's pretty much it :/
Posted By: GrimjawxRULES (11/26/2011 1:58:38 PM)