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I blink this guy repeatedly.
Posted By: Removal (10/9/2010 10:36:43 AM)


In a goat deck with Glorious Anthem and other pumpers R/W with Lightning Bolt hehehe
Posted By: qaq456 (12/19/2010 6:20:49 PM)


Obviously Goats are better. But seriously though, this is a very solid card. Seeing as everybody's already mentioned a bevy of anthems, how about we Phyrexian-ize our goats? Miss Norn, I think you can make some improvements upon the herd, no?
Posted By: Goatllama (8/13/2012 7:44:25 AM)


combos with Springjack Pasture :)
Posted By: iSlapTrees (12/2/2010 8:35:21 AM)


This is one of the few cases where I would rather run Glorious Anthem over both Honor of the Pure and Crusade.
Posted By: dberry02 (6/15/2011 11:59:38 PM)


This with Cathars' Crusade is amazing all extremely buff goats, yes please!!
Posted By: LordLovat (1/3/2013 5:17:32 PM)


Nobilis of War is great with this - you can either have it down before dropping the Shepherd, for an extra five goats, or you can slam it down unexpectedly afterwards and attack with all those suddenly-much-more-threatening 0/1s.

But significantly funnier is Godhead of Awe. She's a curse for everyone else, but she heaps bountiful blessings of relevance on Eldrazi Spawn... and goats. Also, again, there's that (effectively) WhiteWhiteWhiteWhiteWhite mana cost, which synergizes nicely.
Posted By: Heathspook (8/29/2013 3:36:45 PM)


teysa really loves this guy >:)
Posted By: Sironos (5/19/2011 4:27:00 PM)


Turn 1: Goldenglow Moth
Turn 2: Crusade
Turn 3: Jihad
Turn 4: Springjack Shepherd, of course.

Enjoy your six or seven 3/3 Goat tokens. ;)

This really is one of those cases where I would prefer Crusade to Honor of the Pure and Jihad to Glorious Anthem, not to mention that I already like those cards better than their competitors anyway.

Also, have you noticed that the chariot of Nobilis of War is pulled by a pair of goats? Coincidence? I think not! ;)

Finally, do not forget your flicker effects! Add Restoration Angel, Flickerwisp and Glimmerpoint Stag and we're already getting close to a complete deck!
Posted By: Tiggurix (5/22/2012 6:20:31 AM)


Wizards, I am disappointed. Shepherds care for sheep, not goats! This should be the Springjack Goatherd!
Posted By: JimmyNoobPlayer (4/27/2013 3:41:09 AM)


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