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Just counter your own spell with a guile out for an instant two cards.
Posted By: AchillesTheElder (12/11/2009 8:51:05 AM)


I can see some use in a Dimir deck. He's going to discard his hand anyway, might as well make him discard more and you deck him faster.
Posted By: pigknight (2/18/2010 7:52:25 PM)


This is a Type 2 Arcane Denial just down graded slightly.
Posted By: MTGFreak (2/22/2010 5:29:41 PM)


Good only for tempo in duels, but this is practically a Dismiss in EDH or other FFA mulitiplayer. You don't care as much about one player drawing a card as you do about you getting another one.
Posted By: Justice1337 (8/6/2011 3:49:44 PM)


Not necessarily strictly better than Cancel, if you don't want them drawing. However, as it will only be included in decks in which it is, it functionally is.
Posted By: RunedServitor (4/17/2012 4:19:50 PM)


I don't see why people think this is mediocre. Sure, it can give your opponent options but it gives you options too. It replaces itself like Remand does but it's a hard counter. Sure, you risk them drawing another threat but they could just get a land and you have exactly the same chance of drawing a threat. Plus when you cast this, they're likely to have used up their mana trying to cast the thing you countered and won't be able to cast the new spell. It sets an opponent back just as much as Remand does.
Posted By: Lifegainwithbite (5/11/2013 7:53:39 AM)


I actually really like this card. It's a tempo card, hands down. Neither player loses or gains anything, it just is what it is. You shouldn't be comparing it to Counterspell or Cancel even because it's not a hard counter. Look at it more like Remand with an edge of hard counter. Remand sets an enemy back for a turn (or in the late game, makes them pay double the mana for a spell while you're hoping to draw a hard counter yourself), while this completely says no the the spell completely. Maybe they'll draw a land off it, maybe they'll draw a stronger spell, you never know. But it's a tempo thing, and not a bad one at that. I easily give it 4/5.
Posted By: DarkonCrack (5/4/2013 10:43:45 PM)


This card also works in decks that punish players for drawing cards or in mill decks since every card off the library counts.
Posted By: Fearsomecritter (5/13/2013 1:23:54 PM)


Sire of Insanity seems to work well with this and remand. (At that point in the game you have the mana to cast your other spell.)
Posted By: blurrymadness (7/18/2013 2:55:57 PM)


Combo this in Modern with a Notion Thief, it becomes "1UU: Counter target spell, draw two cards."
Posted By: TF404 (7/29/2013 9:16:55 PM)