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This, Thornweald Archer and Viridian Longbow always make me laugh... it's sooo nice to remove unwanted creatures in green and damage your opponent at the same time :D

also, Jagged-Scar Archers are pure win with this one.
Posted By: Narim (10/3/2010 1:52:52 PM)


Fun, but I ask. WHY DOESN'T HE HAVE REACH!?!? Sorry, just had to get that off my chest. Otherwise, he would have found a place in my Nath Commander/EDH.
Posted By: kamuishirou (6/5/2011 2:41:31 PM)


Killing a Suntail Hawk with a 24/24 Jagged-Scar Archers: Overkill
Killing a Suntail Hawk with a 26/26 Jagged-Scar Archers and this guy on the table: Epic Win
Posted By: ax_morph (10/3/2011 1:47:30 PM)


@Lord_Andrak: I think you read the card wrong - Greatbow Doyen only causes creatures to deal damage to players.
If one of your Archers deals damage to a creature, then Greatbow Doyen causes your Archer to deal that much damage to the creature's controller. If multiple Archers deal damage to a a creature (say you blocked a Serra Angel with two Ezuri's Archers), Greatbow Doyen triggers once for each time your Archers deal damage, resulting in 8 damage damage being dealt to your opponent.

Some rules clarification (in case it ever becomes necessary):
If you somehow give a large Archer trample and attack with it... let's say you've got an 8/8 Archer with trample, and it's blocked by a 4/4 creature. You assign 8 damage to the blocker (resulting in the blocker taking 4 damage and the last 4 being dealt to your opponent), and Greatbow Doyen causes your 8/8 Archer to deal 4 damage to your opponent. In other words, Greatbow Doyen... (see all)
Posted By: GrimjawxRULES (2/1/2011 6:55:02 PM)


this plus Brigid, Hero of Kinsbaile
Posted By: Steridius (8/26/2009 1:05:54 PM)


An excellent archer 'lord'. Since it cares about damage, not combat damage, it and reactive archers (Such as those who deal damage to attacking or blocking creatures) can create a solid defense that also acts as a threat.
Posted By: Twitchiopolis (6/22/2009 4:48:35 AM)


You could potentially win with this and Scattershot Archer.
Posted By: Forgeling (8/15/2009 5:23:16 PM)


this plus Jagged-Scar Archers quick kiler
Posted By: victorio82 (9/1/2009 2:20:55 PM)


One thing Id like to clarify, (this may seem a silly question but bear with me).
If i have two Greatbow Doyen s does his ability cause X2 damage to player or just X1 damage to player.

This came up in a game with my elf archer deck and my opponent felt it would only trigger once as the damage is dealt by the archer not Greatbow Doyen, and so due to the wording would only do it once.

I'm not sure if i got conned as i haven't read up on the rules recently.
Posted By: Lord_AndraK (9/14/2010 11:46:50 PM)


What is the proper ruling of this card, when it attacks an opponent controlling a creature equipped with Pariah? And does it make a difference if the creature is one like Angelic Protector, where it gets buffed each time it's targeted?
Posted By: rawrmax (7/27/2010 8:37:40 PM)


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