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Not quite
Wood Elvs was a Nature's Lore on legs.
This is a Rampant Growth on legs.
The little differences can make all the world sometimes.
Posted By: HairlessThoctar (3/7/2010 9:39:38 AM)


I prefer this over Civic Wayfinder.
Posted By: Yuyuko (2/19/2009 7:45:50 PM)


put it in your landfall deck and win
Posted By: DlCK (1/19/2010 12:52:08 PM)


I could see this card getting reprinted in Worldwake.
Posted By: Pantheon (9/30/2009 9:04:59 PM)


Ooh, I'd run these in a deck with Stampeding Wildebeests. Great fun, if you can figure out what to do with all the land.
Posted By: Kelther (8/11/2010 8:47:51 PM)


I like this better than Sylvan Ranger and Borderland Ranger since it puts the land into play, albeit tapped. So in a deck that has blink effects and recursion with Sun Titan, this can actually accelerate your mana rather than just guarantee that you hit a land drop each turn.
Posted By: RazzmatazzTheGreat (8/7/2011 9:52:20 PM)


Wood Elves for any land type.
Posted By: A3Kitsune (2/10/2010 1:51:17 AM)


shouldn't it rather be a scout than a druid???
still a solid dommon
Posted By: GengilOrbios (10/6/2010 3:07:36 AM)


Definitley my fav Elf Card, and one of my favorite overall as far as art and flavor goes- She looks so beautiful and mysterious...and her ability is not to shabby, either.
Posted By: PriestessKikyo1 (12/23/2012 2:59:42 AM)


In my opinion, run Viridian Emissary unless you definitely need the ramp *right now* in your deck. He's a two-drop, which to me is the hard part of the curve to get over in a ramp deck (as most of the card-advantage cards are 3+ mana.)

That said, this guy works with flicker effects, bounce effects, and is highly controllable. Viridian is fairly random depending on your opponent; but I try to use that to my advantage (I stall dropping lands until second main phase so they're less likely to block.)

Different strokes, 3.5/5 IMO
Posted By: blurrymadness (7/16/2013 12:04:04 PM)