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Terese Nielsen is one of my fave artist in magic. mischief behind the beauty it is what the art says for me, perfect for faeries
Posted By: Aviara (7/29/2010 9:10:46 AM)


Yeah, the art is definitely one of the nicer ones. I especially like how the colors kinda mirror the layout of the cardframe too (more blue on the left, darker on the right). Intentional? probably. It's just too bad ms. Nielsen couldn't have done a better job on Garruk Wildspeaker and Liliana Vess. Of course, not that I could do better, but..
Posted By: tenkaze (2/22/2010 9:40:44 PM)


Sweet art, Nielsen ftw
Posted By: NeverendingDream (6/24/2010 4:24:40 AM)


Incredible graphic.
Posted By: Adriaaaaaaaan (10/26/2009 11:16:49 AM)


The nicest looking land. Infact it looks so nice that it doesn't look as though it should produce black mana.
Posted By: MDStrawHat (2/13/2010 4:23:42 AM)


Sheer perfection, awesome design and art. 5/5 any day.
Posted By: LeoKula (3/5/2010 12:12:47 PM)


A great card, and some of the best artwork ever drawn. Fantastic.
Posted By: God_Of_The_Smurfs (9/29/2010 4:59:38 PM)


Perhaps the most 'positive' looking U/B land out there. Most U/B lands are darker in expression, this one is sheer beauty.
Posted By: Cyberium (6/8/2012 11:33:48 PM)


WotC seemed to push Faeries pretty hard, rendering them a solid choice for tournament purposes. That made this, for a time (and maybe still), one of the best dual lands in Standard, as it will typically have no drawback worth speaking of in the decks that want to play it. And even in decks running relatively few Faeries, this is still solid mana-fixing, playable if unspectacular even when it comes in tapped and very solid on those occasions when it does not.
Posted By: jeff-heikkinen (4/30/2009 11:25:06 PM)


If you're playing faeries it's Underground Sea. Otherwise, it's a Salt Marsh. Either way, it's a solid dual land. I give it a 4.5/5.
Posted By: freakmaw (1/4/2011 6:46:48 PM)


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