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Great card, but I get a Distinctly black kind of vibe from the artwork. Looks more like the artwork for a Swamp than anything else.
Posted By: Guest1381794618 (7/31/2010 2:40:02 PM)


yay for mana-fixer lands that don't come into play tapped!

Graft deck, meet flooded grove.
Posted By: Kurhan (12/29/2009 12:08:03 AM)


I understand the Black vibe it gives, but the key comes from the coloring; it's hard to have the image of a waterlogged woodland without it screaming swamp, but at the same time, a swamp is supposed to look brown and gray - full of death. This is the contrary; full of strange and bizarre life.
Posted By: Dr.Pingas (6/30/2011 4:30:08 PM)


All the Shadowmoor dual lands are absolutely beautiful.
Posted By: Polychromatic (4/3/2011 3:32:31 PM)


Absolutely beautiful is right; every single one of Shadowmoor's dual lands are so full of love and ambiance. I think the main thing lending to the "swamp" vibe is the lack of foliage, or life in general. Even with the colour palette its still a rather desolate looking place.

Maybe it needed some glowing blossoms or something. At least some leaves on those branches...
Posted By: CORRBentOrgy (10/23/2012 5:18:15 PM)


best of the mana fixer lands, because all the good UG cards have strangely specific mana costs
Posted By: capitalR (1/19/2010 11:50:58 PM)


I love this series of dual lands.
Posted By: Treima (5/13/2009 4:06:25 AM)


Best dual land in the shadowmoor block.
Posted By: SavageBrain89 (6/7/2009 6:11:19 PM)


My favourite hybrid land from Evetide.
Posted By: True_Smog (10/19/2009 6:48:56 AM)


Alway thought you could pay the second Ability with colorless Mana... then i got screwed when i had only two of them on the battlefield ;)

But other then that wonderful Card!
Posted By: Buderus (10/8/2012 11:23:03 AM)