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Dakmor Salvage is pretty wicked. Dakmor Salvage + Null Profusion basically turns this card into "Dredge 14: Target opponent discards their hand."
Posted By: SereneChaos (7/4/2010 9:47:07 PM)


Destroying my opponent's hand and pitching my own along the way? Sounds pretty Hellbent, if I do say so myself.
Posted By: Gwafa_Hazid (12/29/2009 2:28:05 PM)


throw in a life from the loam and there goes the need to use this card with discretion. run a terravorre for kicks, or a tombstalker to gobble up on the nonlands that get sent to the graveyard when you dredge loam.
Posted By: spectermonger (3/18/2010 5:02:42 PM)


When I come up against this card, I might discard a proper card for the ACTUAL Raven's crime. THEN my strategy is basically to save lands in my hand and when my opponent pitches a land, I pitch a land as well.

I guess I can survive from doing this because my decks normally only need 4 or 5 lands to run. 4 is fine but 5 is very good. Also, the opponent is NOT going to start pitching their lands when they themselves have so few mana resources (unless their deck is TOTALLY based on that sort of thing).

Now for my evaluation of the card... IT IS *^#&**@^$& useful. :P


Whenever I build a deck with this card in it, this card ALWAYS shines BRIGHTLY!
Posted By: Bobmacambob (5/1/2010 2:53:33 AM)


Awesome card for graveyard deck.
1 mana for a early game creature drop into graveyard, cheap and reusable later to keep creatures you draw going into the grave for Exhume/Animate dead.

Not to mention the fact that if your opponent has one card in hand you may just destroy his last hope of victory.
Posted By: donjohnson (9/12/2010 9:32:04 AM)


* sigh* Yet another way to abuse Crucible of Worlds. Maybe throw in some moonfolk to get the lands back in your hand too.
Posted By: Ideatog (11/22/2010 4:48:09 AM)


I can't believe this is a common, this is insane.
Posted By: non1337 (12/15/2010 4:37:17 AM)


could help a Barren Glory deck
Posted By: KingCody77 (1/7/2011 1:35:15 AM)


This is my absolute favorite discard spell. It's a game within a game; when to retrace, "Do I need this card, or can I pitch it?".
Posted By: Polychromatic (5/12/2011 4:47:05 PM)


While necropotence should work faster and kill your opponent, this works well with it nonetheless. You accidentally draw a few lands? Who cares? Raven's Crime, Raven's Crime! And.. give me 5 of your life. Lulz.
Posted By: blurrymadness (5/22/2011 10:39:48 AM)


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