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I think this guy is seriously under rated. There are definitely better giant cards than this, and definitely better ways to deal damage in a lot of cases, But this card can certainly hold its own in my wither deck.

One of the problems I found in my wither deck was being able to deal a killing blow with my creatures and I found this card to be a rather suiting solution. Although he becomes 1/4 whenever he tussles with an opponent's creature, he'll throw a -1/-1 counter on it anyways. With Kulrath Knight out, that creature is usually usually not much to worry about at this point but if it's got some crazy ability on it that's holding you back, it's only a matter of time until you proliferate to death or it dies to Crumbling ashes. Then, whenever he isn't blocked by the creatures he's subduing, he's dealing four damage every time he attacks.

Of course, in a perfect world I would rather run a few Hateflayers for putting the n... (see all)
Posted By: Pelusosa (5/24/2012 12:29:33 AM)


Nah, its good as-is. you could look at Wither as a sort of evasion ability, as no one likes -1/-1 counters on their creatures and for good reason.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (11/1/2010 11:13:07 AM)


Spend 2RR, do 1 damage a turn to your opponent... um, no, not good at all.
Posted By: Radagast (12/19/2010 3:11:34 PM)


It can deal 4 damage per turn if it isn't blocked. But at this cost, it's better to cast a Cyclops Gladiator or something like that if you want to punch some faces in.
Posted By: Chamale (1/5/2011 10:19:15 PM)


Like bloodcrazed goblin, one of those unappealing red creatures that turns out to be a good blocker. but even as a blocker, for 4 mana this uncommon giant is pretty bad.
Posted By: metalevolence (1/30/2011 10:57:05 PM)


That's the only Giant Rogue in te whole game!
Posted By: GengilOrbios (8/7/2011 8:27:22 AM)


That's because the others are better at hiding.
Posted By: neongecko06 (10/25/2012 1:17:33 AM)


It's got 4 power and wither for 4 mana. Yes, I'm not blind, I see the drawback, but I am a Johnny and will come back to this guy with the intent to crack him once I have a reason to play Wither instead of Infect. :)
Posted By: DarthParallax (1/24/2013 5:57:17 AM)


good card and I agree the drawback makes him a 1/4 Wither which is still good. He can block and shrink the opposing creature and if he becomes blocked he still lives to fight another day. The only way he deals 4 damage is when there are no creatures to oppose him or if you give him evasion.

For an uncommon you really have to work at making him a 4/4 he is be no means a Timmy card.
Posted By: vantha (2/1/2013 5:50:41 AM)


Dat flavor text. I lol'd.
Posted By: Lord_Ascapelion (7/29/2013 8:20:30 PM)


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