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Name Manabarbs and run it in your deck.
Posted By: Tommy9898 (2/27/2010 6:48:01 PM)


I actually like this a little better than meddling mage. you can play this after your target card is cast....whereas meddling mage, you have to know what is in the opponent's deck. plus this is not susceptible to creature removal, which is more prevalent than enchantment removal.
Posted By: tantallum99 (12/7/2010 11:43:47 AM)


Door to Nothingness?
Posted By: Spitfire703 (11/10/2010 4:18:38 PM)


Just remember it gives protection to you, not your creatures. See what threats show up and immunize yourself. Run with rescue type effects to get maximum mileage. You'll always have a use for this in edh but remember there's only going to be one copy of the card you chose so pick wisely.
Posted By: TPmanW (12/16/2010 3:51:03 PM)


Your Progenitus may have protection from everything, but I have protection from Progenitus.
Posted By: 001010011100101110 (10/6/2011 6:24:32 PM)


Wow. "You have protection from the chosen name". Cool texts.
Posted By: Duskdale_Wurm (3/20/2011 3:24:30 AM)


Name True-Name Nemesis for glorious irony.
Posted By: EvilDarkVoid (11/16/2013 7:57:34 AM)


@DutchSanta - No. His ability doesn't target. Runed Halo would stop him from damaging you by attacking, but he'd still stop you from casting instants and Flash cards.
Posted By: CeremonialBathory (10/13/2010 8:02:33 PM)


Too bad Rumpelstiltskin isn't a legal name to use for this ability. If you felt like blowing a spell in a casual game, it'd be flavorful to have protection from him by using his name.
Posted By: sarroth (8/3/2011 8:57:32 PM)


wow, half the combos people said here dont work. like worldfire,smallpox, descent into madness... i mean seriously, guys, read the definition of "protection" sometime...
Posted By: O0oze (6/19/2013 10:33:32 AM)


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