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This is alright if you don't need colored mana that urgently. It's like it would have an inherent Mana Seism.
Then it's an efficient mana source which can eventually give you a ramp to cast something you otherwise couldn't in a decisive turn. Can be a considerable amount when you have multiples of these and want to go off.
I'd like a cycle of this that produces colored mana (either twice the same or two different types) when sacrificed, similar to Darkwater Egg and the like. The colored mana when saccing them seems awesome. There have been various cycles of lands already that produce multiple colored mana when sacrificed, but these all enter the battlefield tapped to shorten the tempo again - but those produce colored mana when tapped normally, so this seems balanced.
If you're just playing these you could sacrifice your lands any time to double your mana, but you can't do much with just colorless mana without saccing anything.
This could be c... (see all)
Posted By: Mode (8/20/2011 9:04:10 AM)


This seems to me like a good budget option for City of Traitors in a lot of situations, specially with Crucible of Worlds.
Posted By: LeoKula (4/26/2011 5:29:37 AM)


Anything that lets you get out a big spell a turn early and doesn't slow you down in the mean time is good in my books. Late game you could always sac it to boost an X spell.
Posted By: TPmanW (12/13/2010 8:51:36 PM)


It's hard to rate this card fairly. It's mediocre in the average deck, but it can be great in combo decks that like to win on the second or third turn.
Posted By: GoblinNaysayer93 (6/15/2011 2:14:04 PM)


A must in any colorless EDH...?
Posted By: izzet_guild_mage (6/9/2010 1:00:28 PM)


meh, isnt that bad
Posted By: TheSwarm (1/17/2011 3:34:45 PM)


been doing too many drugs
Posted By: ttian (3/24/2009 8:30:45 AM)


Not all that great as lands go. +1 mana in a pinch? Better ways to get it.
Posted By: Elysiume (5/21/2009 6:43:24 PM)


Incredibly ugly art, and the land itself isn't that great. It's all colorless mana, and we have better ways of ramping in colorless that don't require us to waste a land drop on a self-destructing crystal. I pass.
Posted By: Verdande (3/22/2012 10:15:39 PM)


This land is 5/5 from me. It doesn't come into play tapped, can produce 1, and ramps you past your land count when you need it too. What more could you want? Perfect fit for any mono deck.
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (10/12/2012 10:25:53 AM)


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