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Love this ability on a cantriping instant. If it is irrelevant, just cycle it away. And you should be designing your deck for it to be relevant.
Try with Nomads en-kor and Angelic Protector for infinite damage.

And now some business: Stop using phrases like "almost strictly better". They are oxymorons.
This and twisted image are incompatible for a "strictly better" comparison.
One is more flexible, and one has a lower CMC.
The poster child for "strictly better" is lightning bolt versus shock. If it is not as obvious as that comparison, don't use those words.
Similarly, Mirri, Cat Warrior is not strictly better than Cat Warriors because she is legendary.
Posted By: kiseki (10/21/2011 4:23:44 PM)


Hey, anyone know what the inside of a Wall looks like? OBLIVION!
Posted By: thorjy (6/7/2011 6:04:43 PM)


The ultimate Doran killer
Posted By: wz55 (5/22/2009 12:24:12 PM)


So that's what happened to Michael Jackson...
Posted By: Stray_Dog (7/25/2010 5:15:29 AM)


See also About Face. Combine with Ovinize and Serendib Sorcerer.
Posted By: Ragamander (1/21/2010 12:15:01 AM)


You know, that elf doesn't quite look like he got any increased power or toughness in the process.
(Which is what the flavor text suggests, too.)
Seems rather disfigured.
Posted By: Mode (8/5/2011 5:46:43 AM)


kill a defender, draw a card =)
Posted By: Myxomorph (6/14/2009 4:00:48 PM)


That looks like Link from Legend of Zelda (with an inside-out face).
Posted By: Salient (4/28/2012 1:51:09 PM)


nice thing about this card is that it doesn't actually require you to play blue, though if you are playing blue Twisted Image is obviously better.

or maybe you just wanna play 5-8 copies, if so all the more power to ya!
Posted By: Biggles (5/26/2011 5:18:05 PM)


A nice card, UR stuff is always cool/weird. But Twisted Image from scars beats it, if only just.
Posted By: ZombieSnail (10/29/2010 7:54:27 AM)


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