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Sort of like a reversed clockwork creature. Good with decks that focus on counter removal.
Posted By: Forgeling (8/15/2009 8:38:59 PM)


Amazing flavor text and concept. Maybe not such an amazing card, but great on flavor. Currently testing a few out in an Extended Esper/scarecrow artifact deck for a bit of cheap muscle. Master Transmuter also makes it much more viable; once it wears itself down too far, bounce it to bring it back up to shape. Fair, I'd say. Won't go in any old deck, but in one that can benefit from its stats and types.
Posted By: Zulp (5/16/2010 4:32:17 PM)


Obviously the diviner in the flavor text dreamed of the coming of the Storm Crow...


What, because a 6/6 for 5 which can be used in any deck with any sort of mana whatsoever is unacceptable? If I recall correctly, even a 4/4 for 5 is quite usable for colorless if it has any form of keyword, so this is not so much unacceptable as not ridiculously overpowered *glares at Pelakka Wurm, Baneslayer Angel, and relatives*
Posted By: NARFNra (12/17/2010 1:38:41 PM)


The idea of this is to use it with cards like "blowfly infestation," or "necroskitter," which is a powerful combo right there. You keep attacking with this, it dies, you place kill an enemy creature, get this back AND get to put the enemy creature back into play under your control! Certainly this is a mediocre card as a pure agro card, but its not just for attacking. This also loves "fate transfer."
Of course, I've never run a whither deck, but this would be great in one.
Posted By: UltimaCenturion (8/24/2009 12:44:41 PM)


Why? It should've at leat been an 8/8 or had wither or something. Mediocre creatures that fall apart from combat are unacceptable.
Posted By: SavageBrain89 (7/19/2009 8:49:14 PM)


That kithkin diviner sounds cool. Shame that all the other kithkin were totally lame.
Posted By: nibelheim_valesti (6/24/2010 6:46:53 AM)


I like this with a Heartmender or a woeleacher. Or anything that can move counters ect. It is acutally pretty good.
Posted By: Stinga (9/11/2011 6:41:32 PM)


Good friends with Chainbreaker. They may not be the coolest kids on the block, but they get the job done.
Posted By: DoragonShinzui (3/27/2012 2:36:51 PM)


Fate Transfer
Posted By: RedAtrocitus (10/13/2012 12:03:58 PM)


I wish it was named 'Wickerwork Warcrawler' just for the increased alliteration. :P
Posted By: DritzD27 (8/5/2013 8:58:44 AM)


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